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How to split multi-worksheet Excel files into individual files?

A Microsoft Excel Workbook consisting of several worksheets can be split into individual files with minimal manual intervention. Separating worksheets into individual files can be done with the help of Excel Worksheet Separator. Excel Worksheet Separator is a powerful and user-friendly tool that can split multiple-sheet Excel office software files into single sheet files. The tool is quick and can split an Excel Workbook into separate files in a few seconds. Excel Worksheet Separator can be downloaded for free from the internet. Excel Worksheet Separator will save you a lot of time and effort.

Do you want to separate large workbooks into individual files without having to copy and paste over and over again? It's very boring. Now, there are some tools designed to help us avoid carrying out such repetitive tasks. Excel Worksheet Separator may do you a favour!

Excel Worksheet Separator is a powerful, friendly and easy-to-use Excel tool to split

multi-sheet Excel files into single sheet Excel files very quickly. It can easily sort through

your Excel files in seconds. Make the complicated and boring Excel work into an easy one!

Let's have a try.

Step 1

Click the "add" button to add a file or folder.
It may take you some time to scan the subfolder.
Then select the files or folder.

If you add a folder, you will see the windows (see below) to choose whether to scan Excel files

in the subfolder or not.

Step 2

Click the combo box to mark the file/sheet. Or right click the file/sheet list.

Mark the selected file/sheet.
Then select the way to name the output file.
You can double click the sheet in sheet list to open the sheet.

Step 3

Click the "split" button or right click in the sheet list to split the marked sheets or all sheets.

Then select an output folder click "ok" to continue.
It will end with the opening of the output folder.

When finished, you will see all the split worksheets as new Excel files in your folder.

You can Google Excel Worksheet Separator and download it.


Thanks to mokdeeo for this tip on the forum.

A few words of thanks would be greatly appreciated.

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