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I want to search the column A, with numbers as text as follows:

I need a formula that will search column A and change any two digit numbers to three digit with a leading zero.

I want the change to take place within the existing data in column a so that example data:

a1 lkjljlk blah #305  
a2 dkfjalfj blah #55

would end up as

a1 lkjljlk blah #305  
a2 dkfjalfj blah #055


Suppose A1 to A5 is

In B1 type this formula:

  • copy B1 down
  • highlight B1 down
  • edit copy
  • highlight B1 only
  • edit -pastespecial-choose values and click ok
  • now delete column A

Do this as an experiment and you will get hang of it.


Thanks to venkat1926 for this tip on the forum.
Jean-François Pillou

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