Toshiba Laptop doesn't start up. Black screen [Solved/Closed]

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 Lisa909 -
My Toshiba Satellite A205 with Windows Vista Basic has stopped working. I try to start it up, but all it gives me is the beginning TOSHIBA/Phoenix logo loading screen and for the windows loading screen it only gives me the little loading bar at the bottom. The windows logo does not show at all. After those two load up, it goes to a black screen and just completely stops loading. The hard drive stops working as in the light doesnt blip anymore and it just stays at a back-lit black screen. I can sort of hear the fan going, but it stops after a while.
I left it on over night thinking maybe it was loading something, but still after that it was just at the black screen. Hopefully nothing is wrong with the hard drive. I kinda read around and people said it's probably related to the video card? Also, the first time this happened it gave me the option to go into safemode, but instead I just held the power button down to restart it. It no longer gives me the option to start up normally or in safemode. It doesn't show the screen at all. Thanks for reading and I hope there is a solutuion to this problem. My one year warranty from Toshiba ran out, a couple days ago actually >:(, but I have a two year warranty from the store I bought the laptop from... but no reciept.

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It seems that this problem is with the power settings... strangely. You do not need to re-install windows or anything crazy like that.

Here are the fix steps:
  • 1. Turn off your computer
  • 2. Disconnect every wire from it (including power)
  • 3. Disconnect the battery from the bottom of the computer. There will be two tabs labeled 1 and 2.
  • 4. Re-plug in the power wire. (the battery should not be in the computer)
  • 5. Turn on the power. The screen will work. Choose start windows normally. (if you get that screen)
  • 6. Go to Control Panel -> (Mobile PC) -> Power Options -> Under Balanced choose change plan settings
  • 7. Choose Change advanced power settings
  • 8. Find Processor power management and change the minimum processor state from 5% to 100% for each On battery and Plugged in.
  • 9. Click Apply then OK
  • 10. Shut down you computer.
  • 11. Disconnect the power cord.
  • 12. Re-install the battery on the bottom of the laptop, plug in the power cord, and restart the computer.

You should be good to go.
Thank you

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Thank you Brian! You are awesome! May you have a long and happy life!! Best wishes
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Many Many thanks. Really Helpful.
Thanks a lot for posting this information. It was a life saver for our computer. Best Wishes
The same proble in WinXP should be solved in the BIOS where processor state can be set. This happens to me on Tecra M2 and I used the Server 2003 which is better than XP in every way.
Thank you so very much! You're a lifesaver
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The same thing happened to me and I'll tell you what I did to fix it...

When I was greeted with the black screen, I thought maybe CTRL+ALT+DEL would work and sure enough, it did! In the Task Manager under the Processes tab, I noticed that none of the processes were currently running except Task Manager, obviously. So what I did was cancel the explorer.exe process and rerun it from the New Task... option at the bottom right of the screen of the Applications tab. And it will open up a Create New Task pop-up screen where you will type explorer.exe and press ENTER.

Give it some time. I had to wait about 30 sec to 1 min for the computer to boot up normally and everything was fine until the computer is restarted, so at this point it's a workaround but it still needs to be fixed. (FYI: I used CHKDSK to fix and repair any issues with the HDD prior to what I've mentioned above but it did NOT prevent this problem!)

Once the OS is up and everything seems to be working, except Networking and WiFi which is down, you will need to use System Restore to restore to an earlier point in time before you were having these issues. So hopefully you have a fairly recent restore point you can go to that won't delete too many things on your HDD. And as you have witnessed at this point, the contents of your HDD remain in tact so it's not an issue of the HDD corrupting.

Right-click on the HDD or Computer and select Advanced system settings on the left-hand portion of the screen and it will open up a System Properties window. Click on the System Protection tab and then click on the System Restore button to restore to an earlier date and time hopefully before this problem plagued you.

In this manner I was able to avert the finality of either repairing the computer in another painstaking way or returning it to the manufacturer for service. As far as trying to surmise what occurred to make this happen, I can only deduce that I was using the Monitor Out feature to send the video feed to an LCD monitor before this happened as well as encountering a virus that I thought my antivirus program caught. I don't know if any of these events had anything to do with this irritating issue but I believe it's worth mentioning just in case others have encountered the same.
wow I cant believe that's all I had to do. thank you so much brian you computer god you.
For all of you guys here that replied to this, I figured out the problem is Window's fault, not Toshiba's. Something gets corrupt in the boot-up files, but all your files on your hard drive are still safe. All you guys will need to do is re-install Windows onto your system. But you need to back up your files.

Since you guys can't access your hard drive to back it up with Windows, use a program called Puppy Linux. It runs off of just a disk and leaves nothing on your hard drive! Once you get into Puppy, you can access all of your files there and back them up onto a thumb drive or other USB storage device. You can even burn a disk with puppy and access the internet. It also has other cool little applications. I know it will take a while with small sized thumb drives, but I think its still worth it if it means saving your files. is the link to Puppy Linux. Give it a try, it really works. Some people even use Puppy just because its faster and easier than Windows. Don't get the latest 4.2.1 Puppy though, because it doesn't have wifi support for the internet. Instead, get just 4.2

I hope this helps all you guys here with this problem.
How do I even start backing up my files or installing linux when it won't even power up? Please help. Thanks.

hey I tried reinstalling windows just like u said, I had to do it for the third time in a it dont work at starts up but takes five minutes just to load the start up, it wont update from the interent and my security wont turn on and it wont install anything ...not even an eraser program to erase the computer... can someone please tell me how to format my computer totally even erase its completely blank, I was never given a recovery disk it wont let me even make the recovery disks to begin with wont make restore points, the compiter just shuts down when I try to do those takes forever to load anything ...this has been going on for almost a year, i've already spent 200 smackers on this piece of sh**... I really need some advise here what to do with it..its an 1800 dollar laptop and hasnt begun to pay itself off yet...i keep having problems with it it worked amazingly the first year I had it then everything just went downhill.....oh and btw my fan stopped working too...PLEASE HELP
Your fan is not working because it has overheated, which causes the other problems. Get the fan replaced, as for the screeen. Unplug everything from it, take out the battery; checking it is cool and there is no foreign material. Check the laptop part the battery plugs into as well. If all is well, replace the battery into the laptop and turn on, it should work if not, you must get it sent to be fixed. Moral of the story is, don't waste 1800 dollars on a laptop when you can get them for 1/4 of that price.
Thanks a lot this is a genius solution and it works perfectly, this is the first time I said this is the solution for this nightmare, thanks again.
Hi I had the same problem. I tryed everythink but could not get it to load so I removerd the battery for two min and then replaced it and it then loaded windows form.
I have the same problem: black or red screen. For me the diffrence is, the fact that everything works out just fine as long as my laptop's screen its not connected.If its not connected then it work out just fine, all normal. So I am starting to be pretty sure it is my inverter or the main cable that connects my laptop to my screen. So I am pretty sure I will go buy new ones and see what happens.Will let you guys know.

First of all: always try conecting your computer to another screen. If it works then you know it is not your video card or anything else inside it and the problem it is probably related to the monitor. From what I know 40% of the time it is the RAM or the battery problem wich are easly fixed with the pressing power button trick wich you can find in here in other posts. The other 40% are usually the Invertor! the backlights, or the main cable of the monitor.Other problems left in the 20% cathegory would be: take out your graphic memory, the one that it is near the computer processor and looks alot like it and check its pins.If they touch eachoter or are crooked use something with hot air (like a hair dryer) for about 60 seconds directly on it, after you take it out and they will go back to there normal position( this is just a quick fix!).
In my case I do belive it is my monitor inverter! or the main cable of my monitor.
PS: A laptop invertor it is pretty cheap and you can buy it online. Alot more cheapper then it wold be to buy a new Lcd screen.
Will continue this after I will change my invertor and my cable and see what happens.
Thank you very much for your time, hope this will help.
May we all get our "babies" back! ;)
I didn't really read all the posts as I was in hurry to tell you all what I found out about this problem.
I had the same problem on Toshiba Satellite laptop running with Windows XP. After I realized the battery is nearly dead, I continued using the computer just like before, connected constantly to the main power supply. But after a while it started showing a black screen right after startup and it sometimes took hours to start working. After consulting with people that have experienced similar symptoms with their computers, I was pretty much convinced that the hard drive was gone and decided to change the HDD as soon as possible.
Just like on startup, the computer was sometimes stalling on shutdown as well. In an occasion when holding the power button wasn't enough to shut down the computer, I was going to remove the battery and the power supply in order to shut it down. Just as I removed the battery from the back of the laptop, it started functioning normally. I retried removing the battery every time the machine stalled, and I got the same result every single time. The moment I remove the battery, the computer starts working again.
Hi all - same problems with my A300 last night - it was running hot, and the fan noise was annoying me, so I turned down the power settings to "Power Saver". Then things started going wrong with USB ports at first, nothing recognised, etc. I shrugged it off and then turned off the computer for the night. This morning - black screen of death on boot up, no hard drive activity, etc. Occiasionally made it to the bios screen but that didn't seem to help. Removed the RAM and put it back, all to no avail.

What did work however was a bit weird. I tried rebooting with a USB hard drive connected, and after a few attempts it worked! Still with major problems - only half the RAM recognised, no usb ports working, no fingerprint logon, blah. So I kept it running for a while, changed the power setting back to balanced, ran a virus check (negative), backed up my files, ran a diagnostic (passed with flying colours depsite the fact that half the systems didn't work :)) and checked the disk, and now... running like a dream again.

For most of you, this problem is probabably something to do with power settings. If you can't get past the black sceen try giving it a bit of a jolt by plugging something into the USB ports. You never know, it might just work.

Just have to hope that this doesn't come back...
My laptops been broken for ages now, but after reading your post I decided to try plugging in my external harddrive before powering on and whaddaya know - the screen came on!!!! Still not fixed as it won't boot up but at least it's askin me I I want to system restore etc. Weird!!!
Also, yu have to erase your hard drive and redo the disc that came with computer. If worse comes to worse, you can do that after doing a back full back up. Yhe disc will erase everything and prompts you and then add your back up using restore back-up on windows later, but I believe it will work if you hold down the off switch & remove the battery. It is a pain holding down the key & siunds outlandish, but it works like a charn.

I had other problems beyond that later & just redoing the factory disc solved that, but my computer was blinking furiously & a defect built in with Vista. Plus you get al the free games again trial.
Try removing RAM for a second and put it back. This worked for me.
Gud luck
Removing and switching RAM was the first thing I tried, but seems that isn't the case this time.
You know ,better to download the new version of Windows 7 or buy Toshiba extended warranty 69 dollar and use it. This will solve the maximum problem
This worked for us too! Thanx for figuring it out!