I am not able to tap with my touch pad

 joe -
Hello, I am using hp compaq CQ61-225EE laptop with a synaptics touch pad version6.5. my touch pad was working fit untill today when I tried to use it reset of the functions were working okay but I can't tap(select) anything by tapping the pad. the left and right select buttons are okay and if I attach an external mouse its also working okay. Kindly reply as soon as possible. I will be waiting for your reply.

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Go to control Panel, Click on the mouse. Then click on the device settings tab and select settings for your driver. then click on tapping and select 'enable tapping'. Don't click the + next to 'tapping'. Cheers
Thank you

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Hi, I just got the same problem and it took me a week, I thought my pc was broke. I only had it for 4 mo. I'm not good in pc settings. Thank you for this post.. very helpful!
thank you so much
Thank you very much, it's been driving me crazy all day