Screen goes blank after starting Windows [Solved/Closed]

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My system's screen goes black as soon as I turn it on. I can start up Windows in safe mode all day long but can't start up in regular mode. I have tried to put a new flat screen monitor on the system and that didn't

Please help!
System Configuration: Windows XP Internet Explorer 7.0

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Problem was indeed caused by pulling out the DVi-connector while the pc was running (stupid PC NON-plug&play behavior!)

Solved the problem by starting in Safe mode (F8), updated my nVidia driver in device manager, restart, voila.

Really really stupid. Not being able to disconnect cables while running is SO 1993!!!

Good luck y'al.
Guys, I had the same problem.

My temporary fix, in order to be able to start Windows XP in normal mode, was to hit F8 and select VGA.

Now that I know this, what can be the problem and how can I fix it so I dont have to hit F8 and use it on VGA mode?

Was having the same problems and removed everything from the StartUp menu. Checked online for the practical operation of each StartUp item and only kept those that were essential. Others can start manually if necessary. It worked perfectly. Problem gone forever. Thanks for such great advice.
Had the same issue. For me it started after updating Nvidia drivers. I tried everything, safe mode uninstall and a registry cleaner. Took me better part of a day but I finally figured out it was due to having another DVI monitor hooked up to my video card. I unplugged the 2nd cable and it worked fine. I hope your problems are this simple.
Jerry GCA tech is awesome-sauce. If you used a second monitor at all, use his solution on page 1!!

Ok ! this is the most popular problem amoung you all users, so all you have to do is once go to BIOS settings and select " Save Optimal Default " And Select YES.
Or you send me what is the problem :
1 Your computer's screen shows blue screen saying 0 x 00000.... error and restarts again then remove your RAM from that currently sing slot and then replace it in another...
try enable vga mode by pressing f8 before booting. huge thanks to those people before.
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This happend to me my screen used to go black.My computer ran out of batery and then it says wath it usuly says when this happens to me.Windows has encountered a recovery error.

Start windows normaly.
Safe mode
Safe mode with cmd.

Then I click on srart windows normaly and the screen goes black and does nothing no matter how long I wait.
Then I have to hold the power butten for along time to turn it off.Every time I try it,it would not work.But at first they told me it was because some parts got overheated and burnt.Then I cant remember what else they told me about what happened.Then I gave it to one of my parents friends because he said the same thing happend to him.So after a month he had not said anything to us about the computer.Then he bought a cd to fix his computers problem and when he tryied it it deleted all his filed on the computer including windows.So he said he might aswell try it on my computer.When he tried it it fixed my computer.So I will ask him what the cd was .I dont now to much about computers now but he does so I will ask him about the problem and the cd.Hope this didn't bore you to death and I willl get back to yous as fast As I can.I hope this will help.

Thank you.