My computer says i have no sound device?

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a few months ago I was trying to burn some CD's and I got a notice that said there was no sound device on my computer how do I get it back...? im not a great computer person but im smart enough to know that, that isnt good...especially with me being a singer thanks..Plz respond!

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To resolve:
  • Right click on my computer and select manage.
  • You now have the computer management window open.
  • Beneath Services and Applications select services.
  • In the right pane, double click on Windows audio.
  • At the bottom service status should read Started.
  • If it says stopped, you found the problem click on start and enjoy!
Thank you

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i m free of this problem
thanku so much...i had formated my laptop for this( the usual myth ) but following ur intstructions solved the problem in less than a minute
you are GREAT! thanks much :D
Helped me!
Thanks guy!
I had to restart Windows-Audio-Endpoint (which additionaly also had to restart Windows-Audio). Restarting alone Windows-Audio didn´t work for me.
thank you so much.