No sound when i play DVD in my computer [Solved/Closed]

 robbie c -
anyone who can help me to fix my problem regarding to my DVR rw? I have DVD rw in my computer, when I play VCD or CD. it function well, the sound is ok! But when I play DVD, I saw the video but the sound is gone.
so can you help me!!!

thanks and advance!

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hello owen,
are you trying to play this DVD in windows media player?
if so, sounds like you do not have the codec required.

download this pack from
install it, and try again.
Thank you

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i have the same problem but I tried that and it didnt work for me! :( any other suggestions.
Thanx Brother........its working superb...............
wow.... its working... thanks bro.... now we are watching our favorite movie...
Running this app inadvertantly downloads a bunch of other stuff that keeps popping up like trying to clean your PC, and stuff like that. Very annoying and downright suspicious!! Beware!!
i had the same problem no sound on my dvds tried one or two things,went into power cinema no more problems. hope this helps.
hi dear .. dvd is nt working properly on my desktop. display bt audio is nt coming ,,.

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