MY Control Panel is missing from my Start -Up [Solved/Closed]

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- May 6, 2013 at 01:02 AM
Hello, My control panel button disappeared from my Start Up menu. WHERE THE HECK DID IT GO??
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u have a command line utility for control panel and add remove programs u can use this even
start-->run--->control.exe for control panel.
start-->run--->appwiz.cpl for add remove programs.

hope this will help u .......
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thanks yaar.........
you just saved my life
thanx buddy it works but how can I restore my control pnnel
did you tried to check if control panel is set to be displayed in your start menu? check it by doing a right click on your start button and the click properties, the taskbar and start menu properties should open, under the start menu tab you can either select start menu or classis start menu, select start menu then click customize, this should give you another window, that window is the customize start menu window, on this window go to advanced and under advanced look for control panel and select the option "Dispaly as a link" or "Display as a Menu". If this doesn't resolve the issue then the problem is on the windows registry.
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Thanks griever! This was the problem, for me. Just happened on your fix during my post-viral cleanup. It would have taken me hours to find that little menu.
hello there any ways I can install my anti virus?i tried to install NOD32 anti virus but it seems nothing has change..i don't even see the installation prompted me..i hope someone can help me resolve this problem.. thanks and god bless....
dis did not work
Thank you to Griever09, brilliant step-by-step guidance.
I followed it as you said, and now I can see my Control Panel again :)
Go to the run command and type control panel and press enter key

You can also open the control panel by using command prompt
Type control panel in the C:\ and press enter

when control panel window is open then place your cursor at Add Hardware.You can just select Add Hardware option.
click on file menu and use create shortcut command to create the shortcut button to open the control panel window and place this button at start -UP
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ya I done ur procedure.. but I didn't solve that problem "This program has been canceled in ur computer" this messege is showing on screen. please give idea how to solve this problem
didn't work out buddy
give me some other solution for it
my email id is :- Email Id removed for security
"This operation has been cancelled due to restrictions in effect on this computer. Please contact your system administrator".
Cause of the problem:
The problem is confirmed to be caused due to change in the default web browser or the Internet Explorer.
Steps to fix the problem:
You can try following solutions and see which one fix it for you.
Solution 1:
* Go to Control Panel -> Add Remove Programs, click on Set Program Access and Defaults.

* Open up the configuration whichever is selected and change the default web browser to something else.
Solution 2:
* If you use older versions of IE then upgrade it to the latest one.
Solution 3:
The problem can be caused due to the corrupt or damaged key HKEY_Local_Machine\Software\Classes\htmlfile\shell\open\command.
So just download this file, unzip it and double click to extract the registry.
Solution 4:
* Open registry editor and search (Ctrl + F) for the value nocontrolpanel.
* Change its value from 1 to 0.
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where do we have registry editor?????
go to Run coomand and type regedit, registry editor will pop up now
but my conatrol panel s nt opening
Hello, My control panel button disappeared from my Start Up menu. WHERE THE HECK DID IT GO??
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my control panel is missing of start menu
Go to My Computer and you will see the control panel option under "OTHER PLACES" Which is located on your left side of the window
control panel missing my laptop
control panel not open ¬ showing
pls solving the problem &pls send
Windows XP Control Panel, Shortcuts and Control.exe
As the name suggests, Control Panel is where many important system settings can be changed or adjusted.