No internet but Netgear router is connected

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 Deepak Nahariya, Salmon India -
Have a Netgear DG834gV4 modem router. It works fine with my laptop but when connected to a friends machine web pages will not display. Have checked all usual settings - have done ipconfig/release ipconfig/flushdns ipconfig/renew etc. Tried to ping but was unable to do so. When I pinged Google opened.

Can the DNS settings have got messed up by a virus. Machine is running Bullguard antivirus and it had flagged up a Trojan.Agent.AGGO around the time that his machine stopped connecting to the internet.

Have tried to give a fixed DNS but this doesn't work. Is it worth trying winsockfix? Any ideas - many thanks

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Ok, so magically my internet worked yesterday perfectly. Now it has gone back to the old 'cannot display page'

I'm going crazy over this. Totally stummped . :( :(
Thank you

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ok , page not on ipod.
i had the same problem, not sure how to fix it, same model too :[
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I just don't understand, I've been having the internet working for a while, and now all of sudden, my router isn't connecting.
omfg thanks so much steve I tried to find the same thing for about a blooming year omg thankyou mate. oh yea and another thing does it work okay on PC's? thankyou so much and please could you reply whenever u can thanks again so much I thought I had to buy another internet cheerz again lol thanks and reply if u can on PC's thanks again cya. email me on hotmail (Windows Live)
Hi so what was the solution I couldn't understand I have the same problem my computer pings but internet explorer or firefox cant display the page, I called netgear and they couldn't help me, Hopefully you can give me some tips.
Thank you!

Hi was wondering if you may be able to give me some advice,
as I seen that you managed to help this lady out,
firstly I no nothing about computers or computer talk so if you can help please make it as basic as poss (thanks)
i have internet on my main computer I have a netgear wireless router mr814 v3,
the computer works fine, if I go to use the wireless via a laptop or xbox it works for a short time then just disconnects its self, sometimes you can get strait back on sometimes you cant get on for days,
last month I paid some one to mend this problem ( over £100) and guess what its not mended, he came and looked and said it was something on the computer and laptop so took them both away to sort out clean out, he had them about a week , I think he could just see I didn't have a clue, so took the piss really, but nether the less i'm still at square 1 with the same problem, I wont call him back, I just cant in case he tries to get more money out of me, so if you can help I would be most most grateful of any help, thanks for reading this. Natasha
wireless router connected but internet is not working. I dont know why.
internet shows page not found.

i had same problem a simple thing that mite help is go to your internet settings and go on manage wireless netowrks, then remove them all and then connect to it again from scratch, worked for a while with me might work :)
similarly I have the same problem too..the network appears to work fine... but some sites like google...and rest (but not most) appears to give connection problem and the firefox browser it gives the same problem as internet explorer but it appears to say connection interupted
Disable security and it will work

I've recently been having this similar problem with my netgear adapter which has stopped my internet from working on my laptop, and have searched on my PC for help on the matter, and found this message board to which I was quite suprised to see fairly recent posts about others having the same problem.

My signal strengh is excellent, my latop says I'm connected to my network, but everytime I search on firefox/IE, I get 'Paged cannot be displayed' .

This is very frustrating and I'm pretty confused. My IPOD touch connects to the adapter but my laptop does not.

Anyone with any suggestions would be much appreciated (if it involves complex computing terms, please could they explain it in a more step-by step approach, as I'm not that technically gifted!)

I had that problem just now. I honestly don't know why it would go from working perfectly for weeks, to suddenly blocking me out when I tried to use it tonight. I reset the computer, hoping it would resolve itself, but it still didn't connect, although the connection strength was excellent. I was beginning to worry that I had a virus or trojan, so I decided to try loading up another family member's laptop to see if it was also being blocked. However, before it finished loading, I suddenly thought that maybe it was my ROUTER that was the problem! I turned off the Netgear, turned it back on, and lo-and-behold, my connection was working again! I don't know WHY that worked, or if it would work for anybody else, but it worries me, because I think somebody/something has hijacked my signal. Is that possible? Can you be blocked from accessing your own router? At any rate, my Wii and PSP still connected okay, so not sure what the deal is. :P I'm not very technically savvy, unfortunately...
> Dazed&Confused
I have exactly the same problem and cannot find the answer. I am connected to the router but not the internet. I have both a Netgear Router and a Netcomm router and netgear and netcomm wireless dongles. The netgear dongles seem more reliable. Sometimes I am connected to internet, othertimes not but repairing works, sometimes repairing does not work but disabling and reenabling works, and sometimes as a last resort I have to reboot router. Very frustrating as the wired connection is fine. Cannot be the channel or else I would not be connected to the routern

If you have found the solution I would love the answer.

I ran across this problem on a friend's PC running Windows XP. She had just purchased a Netgear wireless USB adapter. After installation it show signal strength excellent and appeared to be connected (no red "x"), but when I brought up Firefox or IE the page could not be displayed. I resolved this problem by doing the following: Right click on the wireless connection icon in the lower right hand corner of your screen (looks like a little computer with "waves" coming off it). Click on Open Network Connections. Right click on your wireless connection. Click on properties. Click on the Wireless Networks Tab. Make sure there is a check mark in the "Use Windows to configure my wireless network settings." Click ok. Keep an eye on the wireless connection icon in the lower right hand corner of your screen. It should disconnect (red x will appear) and then will try to reconnect. You might need to choose your Wireless Network name and punch in the passphrase again. That should resolve your problem.
> ilocate
This is exactly the solution I was looking for! I knew it was not the Netgear USB wireless dongle as the other one I had reacted exactly the same. I thought maybe it was time for that hated task of a PC rebuild, but no, something somewhere had changed the setting so Windows was not handling the wireless networks on my PC!

Who would have thought Windows being alloweed to handle anything on my PC would make the situation better ;-)

Thanks ilocate
We had the same problem. It wasn't a netgear problem since we also had the same problem with Lynxis. Our solution was that we had to change the WAN settings.
Just spent 10 hours fixing this problem with little knowledge of wireless and never used it before. I was using the netgear wizard. I had three problems 1 - a faulty cable connection that kept dropping out the router to modem connection. 2 - I misread the setup instructions when it came to the "how is your router connected" part. I used the wrong settings more than once in my 15 attempts at doing the whole netgear wizard thing, and 3 - most importantly I think, I have a cable internet connection. It appears to operate differently with the router. That's what I think anyway and you tech gurus out there may have a simple answer to that, but I changed my router settings to automaticaly locate the IP and I changed the connection rule to NOT use a password when connecting to the internet. I then changed all my IE settings to delete the password and user name requirements. Call it a fluke and it may not work for you guys but when I made these settings, I was never so happy to see google appear from the abyss on my desktop.

I notice that so many people are having the same symptoms but I agree with ruslan124 that there may be multiple reasons for this occuring. Check the settings for your router and your browser too.
I have the same problem, I have a desktop with windows XP, I connect to the internet through a USB drive adaptor that picks up signal from the computer in the other room, every 20 minutes my computer can no longer access the internet and then says that the signal strength is excellent. I have no idea what to do, if it says its connected, then its supposed to be connected.

And for all of you that think you have the answer and like to use the connect this to that and check ur do hickey...I have no idea what any of that stuff is. If you think you have an naswer dumb it down for me please and give step by step instruction on how to solve the problem

Thank you
Hello guys well my router was doing the same thing. Here is what I did to fix it.

1. Go to the icon on your pc that says router setup.
2. It tells you all of the properties including your mac address.
3. copy the number.
4. Go into the icon that says router login. Use admin as name and password as password.
5. Go to basic settings. click use this mac address and type it in.
6. click apply

This fixed mine instantly Hope it helps!
If you're able to ping google in cmd but not able to display a page in your browser(s) is most likely because of a virus. Your hosts file is hijacked or tampered with along with your registry

Running antivirus protection programs isnt the same as running anti malware\virus removal programs! So don't depend on the big names like Norton, or Mcafee..

Run these free removal programs and see if it helps your internet connectivity problem:

Spybot Search & Destroy
and then run WinsockFix

You're going to need another source of internet and a flash drive to acquire these programs.

If that doesn't help your problem, try creating another windows user account from your control panel and see if the internet works from there.

Also, NORTON and some other internet security suites are known to block the internet. Try disabling your protection for 30 mins and then try to connect to the internet.
Tried malwarebytes,spybot,superantispyware, Threarfire, and all the rest no detection of a virus.

Hey,i have the same problem abut the internet issue ,wi-fi is connected but no internet accessble or site is not open.

Reason:- I hope some times Router not resolve the DNS name thru Wi-fi mode so put the manual entyr of DNS in Wi-fi Lan Properties and after that internet running properly withoout any error.
I have connected a new dongle to my laptop, it connects to the wireless router no problem but, it will not find internet explorer or google
I have the exact same problem too for a month now. i've been searching up ways to fix it but I havent found any luck. message me if you find an answer please. thank you
Try going to the control panel then network connections then properties then tcp/ip's properties then change the ip to automatically.
Restart the system and try to connect the internet.
Good luck!
> DMAB1234
i already tried that though. =[

its automatically for IP and DNS
My browsers are not working, were working just fine until a few days ago. I suspect it may be to do with windows update. Am running Windows Vista home premium on an HP Pavillion dv9000. Please help?
after every 20 minutes I have to restart my computer to acess internet. after 20-30 minutes computer stops sending and receiving packtes. m using windows xp service pack 2.
I would check your IP Address settings in your computer and router to make sure your both on the same subnet .

Most likly the Router is set for something like and your computer is set for 192.168.0.XXX

You will still connect ot the router but you will never get on the internet.
It is possible that although everyone is reporting this as teh same problem, it may not be the case. With that in mind, the following may work only for some of you. I had similar symptms and ity turned out to be an issue with the DNS. The router was unable to connect to my ISP DNS. The solution was to set teh DNS addresses manually in the router config and or move to using an Open DNS service (

If you do not know what the DNS addresses are then call your ISP and ask. Then go to your router basic setup page and select the option use teh following DNS addresses. Enter them manually and problem resolved.
Hey, This was the same problem that I had, and I fixed it before even reading this but this was the same fix to my problem. If you go into router set up it tells you all of the information about your router. Then you need to log into your router and make sure that the dns adresses are the same. Mine were not, so I changed them and bang im back on. Hope this helps!!

i cant login to the router cause I have no internet what do I do?
i cant find on my computer how to scan the ip adress I got a compag computer can someone help me
Make sure you have allowed the network in your computers network and sharing center.
Try winsockfix if you can. Also verify when you renew release that you are getting a valid ip address and not one starting with 169 or 127
I have a similar problem too, I can connect but not when it's displayed as 'Connected' I have to fiddle around until it displays 'Disconnected' and then a can use the Internet. Having my computer think it's disconnected causes many problem though (like not because able to see connection speed or the connection icon).
I seem to be having the somewhat of the same problem. My netgear router is connected but my wirless usbadapter which is pretty much the same exact thing as the router will not even connect to the router. This is really making me andgry cause the same usb adapter just connected to the same router on a diff computer. Any help? Please b4 I lose my mind
try disabling any antivirus programs you may have running and then try again to connect. make sure your tcp/ip/dns settings are set to obtain automatically
I can get on Msn an my laptop and stuff but my connection is always like really bad on my ps3 so I cant play online becasue it constantly crashes :S wats happenin :S
This problem is widespread and netgear is to blame I suggest getting a D Link or Linksys
I had a problem connecting until I retyped in my Network Key. All is fine now
If you have a security password on your wireless, it might be stopping you from entering, even if it says connected, you have to change the security (WPA Personal)
Mine recently went down, and after fiddling with the security thing, I changed the settings for security to WPA personal, typed in the passcode and it now works
To do this, go on wireless, right click on the network you're connecting to and press properties, you should be able to change it
i have a linksys and still have the issue. hahhaah. ironic, yes.