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Hey guys,

I've got a problem with my monitor/display and I hope it's not a sign of the mobo going bad. My computer all of a sudden decided to freeze up, and upon restart, the monitor won't get a signal, the light stays yellow. All the other components appear to be running fine, all fans spin, and the HDD appears to be running, there's just no display going to the monitor. I've tried two monitors on it and two different vid cards, I've unplugged and rearranged the RAM, and still nothing. Also, for some reason, when it starts up, the DVD drive keeps acting like it wants to spin, and just keeps clicking away. I'm completely stumped, and hopefully this isn't a sign of the mobo going bad. Any help would be great appreciated!
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Thank you
Had almost the same problem. I had to force the shut down holding the power button. Then the comp didnt even boot, just did that high pitched beep continuously. Tried to unplug hard disk/keyboard/mouse/monitor, but still wont boot and made those beeps. So then I removed the RAM, booted, turned it off, replaced the RAM, booted and it was all working fine. Looks like it had something to do with the ram (memory cache flushed?). Anyway, it works fine now.
Thank you
Alot of people have answered this question with alot of good answers to, however, one situation has yet to be cowered, the one I was just in, I had installed everything into a new case and lo and behold, black screen, nothing happend, tried replacing everything, still nothing, then out of curiosity I decided to setup my pc outside of the case, on a filt map just to see what would happen, the computer booted instantly without a glitch. Point to this is, when you install a pc, make sure everything is installed correctly and that there is nothing that can cause a short circuit or otherwise interfeer with the motherboard, if the motherboard is not installed correctly, it wont boot, might be a small thing as 1 mm of metal touching in the wrong spot. So, if its a new build, take everything out, install 1 item at a time carefully and make sure its positioned correctly, if you do that, it will boot unless u have some unfortunate HW defect.
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Thank you

My spare PC has also come down to this blank boot screen nonsense after a freak freeze that required a reboot, I've stripped the PC down and cleaned all parts and tried the erazer trick on the gold strips on ram and gpu card to no avail. At this time all the devices appear to power up, the fans all spin up and stay on, mobo LED is green, video card led powered, and soft reset and hard power buttons respond as normal. All I get is constant "No signal" message on both monitors I've tried, and no post or signs of it booting. In addition there no error beeps without ram in, it only beeps when GPU is unpowered. So whats the most likely solution? new PSU ?


DDR1 pc3200 (4x1024mb)
P4 Prescott 3ghz
Zalaman Flower CPU cooler (Regreased when cleaned)
Asus P4c800 Deluxe mobo
Asus 6800 AGPx8
500W PSU

Unfortunately I no longer have spare components for this to test with.
NEEDhelpAlot > Kareem - Jul 5, 2009 at 06:26 AM
hi man im getting desperate I have the exact same problem and I have tried resetting bios with the battery thing ,removing the ram, unplugging the unnecesary stuf ,taking the cpu owt and taking the gfx card owt and to no avail it still wont work...... when I power up all fans spin but the gfx card soes something weird.. the fan keeps reving up and then dow and up and down BUT when I removed the ram to test that other theory the gfx card's fan kept at a normal speed constantly, everything seems to work but still a black screen I have a brand new lcd that says "check siginal cable" but everything is plugd in when I removed the hdd and started no beep, removed the ram no beep this is the second time this year this has hapend and the pc is only 7 months old the first time I sent it in to the place where I bought it and they said the mobo pci-e slot is faulty and the gave me a brand new mobo now today a month later the problem is back with a vengence and I am really fed up plz any help or hints would be grately appreciated

PROC-AMD 6000+~3.1Ghz
GFX- nVidia MSI 9800GTX+ PLUS OC
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I tried your solution and it worked like magic. It put me into the CMOS. After exiting the CMOS it's doing the same thing and the unplug/on button solution won't work.


protonman88 > Kareem - Jul 22, 2009 at 04:55 PM
Hi Kareem

I tried what you mentioned, but it still does not work

Do you have any other solutions that I could try out?

(I have the same problem - everything inside the computer is running, but no response/signal to the monitor).

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance
leech > Kareem - Aug 9, 2009 at 10:39 PM
ive tried the unplugged thing it works but then when I change the HD it has no signal again ive tried the 30 seconds to 1 min and it dosent work again please help thanks you the best
Dear Mr. Highway72

Power on computer & press F8 to start computer with safe mode. Go to display settings and change screen resolution to minimum. Now restart computer you are done!!!
Thank you
i have the same problem as Guayaco36, most of the time it happens when rebooting and its very anoying:(
specs: gigabyte GA-MA790X-UD4, Phenom II X3 720 BE, 4gb kingston khx8500
Thank you
I had the same problem. Your motherboard may be screwed in to tight. Try to loosen all of the screws on your motherboard. (In case you didn't already know, make sure the power cord is unplugged while you do this)
This actually helped me! After I did this, then the system suddenly worked.
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Thank you
will test that theory in the morning, cheers
I'm in that territory right now, too.

Yesterday set up new video drivers and had a COH 4 session (couldn't run due to DirectX failure before) that must have been pretty intensive on the rig, but no smoke, stench etc! Had some problems months before, though.

Now, this morning can't get to run the PC. Well, theoretically, there are NO beeps and I can hear the sound of Vista starting up - but DAMN, there is 'no signal' on the monitor, and that's it. Had to go to work early enough, and that makes me double uneasy, being unable to do anything about it now. Guess HD must be OK, monitor OK, MB - mostly OK, if not for all functions. Could it really be that I've fried the video?
Thank you
ok im having the same problem the other day I decided to remove my AMD sempron 2200+ CPU and try a AMD anthlon, it ddnt work so I switched back to my old one (yes I did replace the thermal paste correcty) and then I ddnt get anything when I powered it up no beep, monitor signal, anything. so I tried holding the button for 2 minutes, nothing. I pulled the CMOS jumper/battery, nothing. I cleaned off the graphics cards golden spokes(radeon 9200 128mb), nothing. I cleaned off the RAMS golden spokes, nothing. I unplugged EVERYTHING then reconnnected it all, nothing. did my motherboard go bad?

AMD Sempron 2200+
Radeon 9200 128mb graphic card
1gb DDR1 Ram (2x 512mb)
CD/RW lite drive
Basic CD Lite Drive
2 hard drives (1 75gb 1 40gb)
ASUS mobo (dont kno what model type)
did you remove the power cord before holding the button and wat kinda pc is it dell hp compaq which one
Thank you
i did remove the power cord when I did it, and the brand name is not labeled I just kno that its
AMD Sempron 2200+
ASUS (dont kno what model) mobo
Thank you
im not gonna bother doing that because ive tried my AMD duron and a diffrent AMD Athlon and neither of them worked
I really need help with my problem:

I have my new Intel i7 920 with ASUS P6T V2 Deluxe, ATI HD 4830, I installed Windows Vista 64bit and I have it connected to my Samsung 46" LCD works great unfortunately is acting a little weird. The only way I get it to turn it on is to unplug the power cord from the back and plugged it back in.....if I leave the power cord connected to the power supply my screen will not get signal.....but when I unplug it from the back of the PSU and then plug it back in it works! So weird......I tested my electricity and it is grounded so that's not the problem. What can be causing the problem...? I have it connected with my HDMI cable but I also have tried VGA and it doesn't help. I have tried a regular 19" LCD and it still gives me the same problem....Anyone out there please help......

Note: I switched my Video cards and same problem.....why why!!! The only way for me to use my computer is to manually disconnect the PSU power cord from the back.....I really need someone's wisdom....
K2B > Guayaco36 - Jul 22, 2009 at 10:41 AM
Hej, ive seen the same problem on my brothers pc.. check if the button cables (off/on button and reset button) and speaker cable are connected in the right way to the mobo.
Thank you
Hi everyone,

Here's a discription of my problem, my pc shutdown after my niece played on it and pressed the power button from my keyboard. Upon starting it says Select the proper boot device or insert a bootable cd and restart (cant remember the exact phrase). I went to CMOS and found no detection from any drive( no HD, no CdROM).After testing, I saw that it was the secondary IDE slot from mobo that was defective, so I transferred it to the primary slot. I did a reformat on the whole thing but in crashes. I changed hardisk 160gd ide Seagate (old one is 80gb ide Samsung).

When I turned it on, I pressed DEL for the setup. It freezes on "Entering Setup" I wait for an hour but still no luck. I forced shutdown the system then I encountered this No Signal on Monitor and keyboard thing. I tried mr. bishops suggestion to hold down the power button without any device attached(no monitor, no keyboard, no power, no cdrom, no HD) It works for the first boot up with all the devices attached except the cdrom and hd. But when I tried to restart again, same issue, no signal on monitor and keyboard. Hold the power button again. and it works again, but when I entered CMOS, it freezees on ENTERING Setup still.

Any help? Or is it nothing I can do but to change mobo?
You should unplug everything- the HDs, the CDROM drive, memory chips, new video cards, external fans (I once got a shorted case fan that wouldn't even let the computer boot), all peripherals, then see if you can go into the CMOS. If you can get in with a "virgin" state MB, then start repluging them all in one by one until the problem recurs.

If it still hangs, then make sure it isn't your power brick that is beginning to fail.

Also, I once encountered a PC that would hang in the first 5 minutes due to a hot CPU chip. What threw me off there was that the CPU fan was working, but the culprit was that the maker did not put enough conduction goop under the fan to transfer the thermal heat, so the CPU chip would quickly become too hot to function.

ladytech > alborg - May 8, 2009 at 03:26 AM
thanks for your reply, I have just resolved the issue through the help of some geek friends.

I reset the BIOS, took out the battery from mobo then use the jumpers to reset the BIOS for about 30 minutes. When I pulled back everything, it went ok so I proceed with the OS and driver installation. Before I put back the case, I inserted another 256mb of RAM, same thing happened, no signal on monitor and keyboard.

I took out the RAM again then everything's fine up to now.

Hope it will help our friends as well.
Thank you
hey all I need help
This problem started two day ago ,I have m925alu v7.3 p4 2.55gHz, 512mb ram ,120gb seagate hdd,
sis_315e graphic card AGP , some pci modem,power supply 300w
My computer powers up you can hear the fans ,dvd drive , cd drive ,(processor heat up), all leds and no sound, but I think its the power supply be cause its makes more noise than normal .
I disconect all pci, AGP card,hdd,cdd,dvd drive floppy and try to do basic boot with the mobo only through mobo
integrated grahics , but to no avail
Going to check the power supply or ram (maybe my mobo is dead)
Thank you
its because your refresh rate is to too high. reboot into safe mode. right click desktop and go to appearance and change your refresh rate to something lower than what its at. for example it may be at 96htz go lower and reboot normaly.
Thank you
I had same problem. Blue Screen came on while I was gaming. It read dumping files Error. Problem may have been with recent Downloaded file. Restart PC. I immediate rebooted. Then bam nothing. My Acer screen said no signal and Windows wouldn't even boot up. I built my pc last year and it crashed on me just a couple of months ago. I had a bad Hard drive which corrupted the boot up screen. So I am really Leary about what I download these days on the internet. Anyway I rebooted several times without any luck, Then I unplugged everything to my pc Monitor, key pad , keyboard, Mouse , Power Cable. Decided to look into my pc I have a Master Stacker Case, If you know what they look like they are very accessible. I have 7 fans cooling my system down which I keep clean at least once a month religiously. I checked all cables and found one that was crimped a little and make sure all wires and cables were connected properly. Then I said what the heck I might as well as dust my MO and fans out while I am here. I Connected all cables back and power supplies and it booted up immediately. My true guess would be my CPU fan was overheating my chip or latest download Corrupted something in my pc. I uninstalled the program which I thought was corrupting my PC, I backed up my files just in case and Have NOT had any problems since then. I recommend if your going to buy a hard drive buy one with a five year warranty on it, Like Western Digital raptors. lol....
Thank you
could be your monitor has blown, or the vga adaptor ( graphix card ) I had same problem just bought a new a treat now
Thank you
hello I have a acer dualcore model. but it doesn't properly. monitor no signal and processor work slowly keyboard not work. some times work normaly then stoped a error message that is boot the me.
Thank you

I have had my LCD for about 2.5 years now. I was using it with a DVI connection and recently it stopped working when I boot up the computer. The light on the monitor just keeps flashing and nothing ever displays. I switched to VGA (analog) and it worked, but the next day, the same thing started to happen. I decided to test it on my brother's CPU, and his old 15 inch HP CRT monitor on my CPU. Lo and behold his monitor works on my CPU, and my LCD works on his computer. What is the problem and how can I fix it? Thank you.

Configuration: Windows XP
Firefox 3.5.2
same_problem - Nov 30, 2008 at 05:52 PM
Thank you
I have the same problem right now.

I think it's the mobo.

I went and bought a new PCI Express card today and it did not help.

Hopefully, I can take it back.
my power pack works but my winfast motherboard doesn't. Nothing works at all. It has amd sempron 28000 processor.
I have removed all peripherals in order to locate the fault yet no news. Help me revive my dead board.
1. Have you look at the other side of the mobo for moisture deposites or some syllicate link broken or scratch in the nortbridge / cpu area ?

2. Remove all pci slots except graphic card and give it a try...

3. Grab something small and thin and start tapping arround cooling fan (not on motherboard area !!!)

4. Maybe it is the problem in power supply of mobo :

Get the screwer and release a bit screw holding down mobo , one at a time and stay tuned if the monitor / POST screen turns on (the mobo might be tighten to hard)

5. If you have some other ram beside yours take it and replace that in your computer and see if this will work

6. CPU maybe gone or adjusted wrong in his standings (check also little syllicate pins of cpu at the backside - if any of them is screwed or damaged buy a new one)
my monitor is showing no signal even though the plug is properly fixed from cpu to it. what do I do .help

My monitor says ''NO SIGNAL'' and then, it goes to the "power save mode". neither the keyboard and the mouse has power to them. I tried to plug everything again and it's still not working.
I'm desperate. I've tried everything. Please help me!
please check the cmos battry is it charged or discharged.
Thank you
Mine is doing exactly the same. Everything spinning but only thing that I can see is the CD rom light flashing. It has gone in to repair so will soon find out.
Did you ever find out what was wrong with it when you went to repair?? Same thing happened to mine tonight. I got a "usb controller has exceeded bandwidth" which froze the computer. I then did a manual restart (pushing power button) and then comp won't post anymore, fans going, cd drive working, everything humming, but nothing on video. It almost sounds like it is caught in a loop by the whirring noises it makes. Tried doing the reset cmos jumpers, didn't work.
Mine is doing exactly the same. Everything spinning but only thing that I can see is the CD rom light flashing. It has gone in to repair so will soon find out
Thank you
I am having the same problem right now,my computers comes on and the fan HDD,seem to work fine but doesn't come up on my monitor.Initial it comes up,detects the HDD and attempts to load Operating system then it reboots,but now it shows nothing on my monitor,i only hear the Beep sound at the end of the boot sequence at intervals showing it still restarting.

Some one really need to help me before I go nuttttt
Thank you
I am dealing with that right now I tried 3 monitors, same thing no signal, so I threw in a different processor and it works just fine. good luck guys
I am experiencing the same problem. I changed hard drives about two weeks ago and cleaned the inside. There is no signal but all fans lights and drives are working. I was considering changing the cpu. Did you experience the same problem before getting a new cpu?
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