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Hello, Can someone please help me
I was playing Sims on my Toshiba laptop today and i cancelled it and just pressed the turn off button so the screen would go off , When i came back it would turn on but only to a blank screen and Now it keeps coming up with Startup repair but nothing is repairing !
Is my computer broken ? Do i have to get it fixed by someone ? What can I do.
Any help would be very appreciated considering It's not just my computer.
Im not very good with computers so The stuff ive searched , I havent understood.

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hi ... can you type in here more specific details of the problem ?

Some solutions for now :

1) are you seeing a POST screen?

POST is a boot screen that shows inital hardware , memoy test & configuration and BIOS entry F10 or F2 ...

Try to enter BIOS and set BIOS to "DEFAULT SETTINGS" first ...
(recent changes in BIOS or flashing BIOS or something else can cause windows to crash).

2) if you are seeing BIOS message on startup or some logo picture of toshiba and then system boots up , try pressing F8 after the beep sound or when image disapears. Then , from the menu choose "Last Known Good Configuration (your most recent settings that worked)" and hit enter .
If windows boots up succesfully thats it , it is repaired, but scan your disks for malicious codes and scan for disk errors just in case if the malfunction scenario happens again.

Where do you see startup repair ? after what ?

What is exact model of toshiba laptop you are using ?
(this looks like : TOSHIBA SATELLITE XXXXX -> numbers after model)

I Hope that you will read this mail in time ...
p.s. try to disconnect the battery from laptop , remove ac adapter , then press and hold STARTUP key for 10 seconds ...
Put battery and adapter back and start the laptop ... See if this also helps ...
(some toshibas are known to have overheating and adapter / battery problems)