Sony Vaio wireless switches off unexpectedly

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I have a Sony Vaoi Core laptop with i5 processor with Windows 7 installed on it. The problem is that the Wireless LED switches off unexpectedly and suddenly without doing anything. The switch is physically on but the LED is not lighted and hence it cannot detect any wirless connections. But it only happens sometimes and is random.

I hope someone can help.

Thanks a million.

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hi, I had the same problem but I fixed it few min ago, after searching 1000 times on such forums and internet but finally done :)

It was the case with the sony vaio smart network functionality (double sided direction icon situated at notification area, or you can found it thru windows mobility center). it was not checked up there, when I clicked on WLAN option My wifi switch got up :) Thank God... In case If the option is not showing there (in vaio smart network pop-up), you can uninstall the wifi drivers and then restart the system and check the vaio smart network functionality pop-up it should be there. Again you need to create a profile there too which should have the option checked as "Switch LAN/WLAN profile automatically". Hope this will work....

Thank you

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This happens to me at least three times per day. My only solution, although it is temporary, is to this besides re-booting when the hardware radio switch is automatically turned off is to go to Network and Sharing Center > Change adapter settings > Click on Wireless Network > Disable this network device and re-enable it.
wow its working for me....tnx for ur help
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thanks thanks in this moment i love you! You are my savior!
The same thing happens to me. I have a Sony Vaio i3 wth Windows 7, and can't find answers to this problem. Have you found a solution yet?
On the bottom left-edge of your Reader Daily Edition(TM) digital book locate the WIRELESS switch and slide it on or off
Fn +F5? That just dims the screen...

Is your wireless enabled, if not then try to enable it.

steps are :
Hold Fn key + F5 it will enable your wireless interface

then try to search wireless network. if you found wireless home network, then save setting by giving user ID & Password, if it saved successfully then you will never get disconnect to wireless, till you manually do it.

thanks & regards
Fn + F5 adjusts screen brightness
that happened to me to and guess what I found out that the problem was not on the software it was in the laptop itself....i found that I have a wireless switch on my laptop and it was off... this manual helped me search for page 14, 18 or 64 that will help

no need to download anything disable or enable if the problem says hardware radio

this helped me after hours of searching for a solution!