HP Pavilion has black screen problem [Solved/Closed]

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i dont know how to fix my hp pavilion 6000 series
the laptop is working,have the necessary sounds after I
turn it on,but the problem is that the screen stays always black
..i connect the lap top to tv screen,it shows that everything is working properly, even I reinstal the windows vista with new one ,by looking the tv screen and usind the butons on my lap top
..so I just have no idea way my screen is black,when the compiutar is working properly
..please if any body has ideas how to fix it....
thanks in advance...
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Thank you
My black screen problem disappeared when I began to open the screen to a wider angle before pushing the power button. If the angle of the screen to the keyboard is less than 90 degrees it appears to trigger the problem. By opening to wider than 90 degrees, the problem goes away. Once the screen is activated it doesn't matter what angle the screen is put at. The wide angle is only necessary at boot up. This leads me to believe that it is a hardware issue. This may be an easier and less violent solution to the problem than pick the thing up by the screen. Hope this helps someone.

Thank you, Mark 319

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Hi Mark
Wondered if you can help, I have a HP Paviliondv6000. When I turn on it beeps 3 times (one long and 2 short beeps) I have tried the unplug the battery and hold down the power key approach without any luck. Do you have any other suggestions?
Thank you Mark
Fixed the problem great advice was pulling what was left of my hair out, my wife will be happy she has her laptop back
MArk, Thank you so much. You are a lifesaver. I was trying everything and was about to bring it in and then seen this and it worked miracles. Appreciate the help.
for over 6 months I have been trying to figure it out went to three people they couldnt figure it out then I see this and it worked thank you soo much you saved me alot of time and money!!!
Thank you
hi, to all who have that black screen.
dont listen to all those who tell you to buy a new lcd...
there is a way to fix it.

remove battery, remove plug and hit the power button for 30 seconds.
then put back the battery and start your computer
once you see something on the screen , plug the cord.

it works for me all the time.

the black screen always comes on when my battery dies..... i've done this a million times!
Thank you! This worked perfectly!
Thank you
i had this problem BEFORE. the way I will tell you will work %90 first of all if you can remove the ram memory DO IT SO if you cant try without removing FIRST.

-remove battery pack(if you can romove memory ram aswell) and wait 10 mins
-now start charging laptop without battery pack for 2 mins
-unplUg the power AND press and hold the power button for 45 seconds

Thanxs Hasan U R the best !!!!
My laptop is working just fine. I just have one problem now...I'm afraid to shut it off !!! LOL
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when u see windows welcome screen (when loading) press F8 repeatedly
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Hello Hasan, I followed your procedure and it did worked but the problem is on the second time I wanted to use my laptop same problem occur and I tried again your instructions but this time it didnt help. What would I do? Thanks
I thought this was a joke, but after 3 hours of trying everything else...I thought "what do I have to lose?" Oh my gosh! It WORKED! Thanks Hasan. You saved me a coupla hundred bucks and the hassel of touting this HP to my computer tech. You rock!
Thank you
Here is my checklist to determine why you have a black screen.

+++++++++++ WHAT IS NOT YOUR PROBLEM ++++++++++++++
1) Firstly,,, your video card is fine, as if it was damaged the picture would be black on external monitor too.
2) The drivers are fine for same reason listed above. (Although you should still see if update available)

1) Open case and to make sure power and data cables for screen have not come loose.
2) If cables are intact than you have either a problem with your screen, backlight, or inverter.
3) To Test,,,
a) Remove laptop screen and try it in another laptop...
b) If lcd screen works in other laptop than your inverter is shot.

+++++++++++ SOLUTIONS +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
1) If screen works in another laptop, check YOUR cables in other laptop to see if they are faulty, if cables are fine than the inverter is shot and replacing LCD screen will NOT fix the problem, but waste your money.
2) If its determined LCD screen is dead, buy a new one. (Most laptop screens are interchangable)
a) Do not feel compelled to pay more for a brand-specific LCD, Just make sure you get compatible LCD.
b) Get correct size (14.4, 15, 15.4, etc. and resolution (VGA, SVGA,XGA)

3) If; using above criteria you realize it is your inverter board that has failed follow these steps.
NOTE FOR NEWBIES: (Inverter is little computer boatd, about 2-3 cm. x 10-20 cm located above
keyboard and just below monitor with at least 1, mabye 2 plugs connected to LCD)

4) Inverters are generally much more system-specific than LCD screens.
a) To replace inverter, note all possible information. Remove inverter (simple 2 screws and remove cables
Check for part number, etc on top and bottom. Note all info and laptop's exact model #.
b) Google,,, starting with inverter part number to find your replacement part.
C) Otherwise try googling laptop replacement parts sites and use either inverter # or laptop model#.

Now you know how to fix a black screen problem for any laptop made in the last ten years!

Thank you
I had the same problem with an HP Pavillion Laptop (N5290). Computer would start to boot and the screen would go black. I tried everything humanly possible and stumbled onto the solution to resolve it.
1. Plug the AC Adapter into the Notebook PC.
2. Press and hold the Power button for 5 Seconds to turn off the PC.
3. Press and hold the F10 key while you press the Power button to turn on the PC. Release the F10 key after text is displayed on the screen of the PC.

The text on my screen read "error 44 Stuck Keyboard Key."

I could not visibly see any key that was stuck in the down position but I started punching each and every key on the keyboard. Suddenly, the screen came alive - the system booted up - went straight to Windows XP.

Hope this helps someone out there.
I got a strange prbolem.

when I power on the laptop the screan divided into 2 horizantal mirrors with a horizantal white line in the middile?

it's appear from the BIOS and due to Windows Vista cannot start and it crash by getting me to the blue death screan.

i able to get to the save mode with this 2 mirrors then I trried anything but didnt work.

i try to black screan issue but it didnt work.

how to get the screan back into normal?
Don't ever use yur laptop in the surfaces like bed and all.. Use it only in hard surface coz there will no proper air circulation in the surfaces like bed...and the problem like blank screen and others start to appear.....
hey thanks it worked m so glad
Thank you

I have the answer, the problem is that your screen cable has been damaged due to constant opening and closing of the lid. This cable connects just above the keyboard under the speaker casing and runs by the side of the screen hinge up to the back of the screen and connects at the top.

Basically, the cable runs between the base of the laptop and the back of the screen and there are about thirty tiny wires wrapped up with tape. When I took my laptop to bits I removed this cable and re attached x4 broken wires using additional super fine wire ply and tape. The ideal would be to solder the new wire. My tip is to burn away the wire casing using a match/ cigarette lighter very briefly then rub off the plastic to expose the wire using finger and thumb.

If you don't have the skill level to repair broken wires then simply buy a new screen cable, when you open the laptop up there is a code under sticker on the cable. You can buy them from any good HP spare parts retailer for upwards of £15.00.

To remove the damaged cable, to the following.

1. Remove the battery and power cable.
2. Remove all the rubber pads from the inside of the screen to expose screws (x5) (dont unscrew at this stage)
3. Tip the laptop over and remove x6 (I think) sliver screws from within the battery compartment. (These screws hold on the speaker cover above the keyboard that also houses the quickplay buttons volume and power button)
4. Very carefully using a flat blade screwdriver prise off the speaker cover around the left and right hand side of notebook. DO NOT PULL COMPLETELY OFF THIS COVER UNTIL YOU UNPLUG THE ATTACHED QUICKPLAY WIRE !!!
5. Once this speaker cover is completely removed then you will see x2 hinge covers that are kept in place with a screw on each. Remove each of the screws then gently prise off the hinge covers being very careful not to disturb the wires that run around them.
6. Next is to remove the inner screen cover surround. All the screws should already be exposed, remove them all now and them very carefully prise the casing off using a flat blade screwdriver.
7. At this point you will now see additional screws attaching the lcd screen to its mounting plate X3 at each bottom corner and x2 at the top. Remove all of these screws and this will allow access to the back of the lcd screen.
8. You now need to remove the cable which should be in plain view front and back. Firstly disconnect from above the keyboard using a screwdriver to gently prise off the clip. Next remove the plug from the inverter (a long strip of circuit board that runs at the bottom on the screen. Only disconnect the left hand end that connects to the screen cable. Once these two have been released, go around the back of the screen (helps to gently move the screen hinge forward for this bit. Remove the celloptape that holds the bottom of the cable in place, then remove the plug at the top of the screen by firsly removing the holding tape. Be very gently and pull out using both hands gently wriggly out the socket.

At this point the cable should be free and can be gently removed from the note book for either repair or replacement. Repair is quite simple if you are handy with electronics but beware, the cables inside the black tape wrap are very very small. It is delicate work. If you can't fix then replace by quoting the code number on the cable sticker.

Refitting is the opposite of the removal, just remember to be very careful with the cable placement and when starting to open and close the lid again, do it very slowly the first time to ensure no part of the cable is trapped.

Thank you
Try Pressing CRT/LCD (F11) on your computer. that may work!
Thank you
I reported the to the Better Bus Bureau - I've had a black screen for over a year - HP refuses to fix although they recognize the problem in several of their other laptops (if you have one on the list they'll fix yours http://h10025.www1.hp.com/ewfrf/wc/document?lc=en&dlc=en&cc=uk&docname=c01087194) not the DV9500 though? This is my first and last HP ever!

Report them please if you've had no luck with customer service - it's not fair they get away with selling comps with the same known problem over and over and not resolve when people call it in.

The Better Business Bureu says use the San Jose office btw. I called to make sure as they're are several diff addresses for HP listed in the BBB.

Good luck all!
Had the same problem. tried resetting by removing battery etc. no luck. hooked it up to external monitor, pressed fn + f4 to toggle it over to external mode. it started to display on the external monitor then stopped. I pressed fn + f4 again thinking it would help. Then the laptop screen started to flicker and then came on! so far so good it has been working for an hour. What the heck was that all about??? Obviously I'm glad it's working but I can't say I am very confident.
Realmsman > cjg - Jan 9, 2010 at 03:45 PM
Did the same as you by hooking up an external and tapping fn+f4 and voila,the screen works on it's own on start up.Thanks.
Go to the BBB, FTC, your states AG. Get the word out. HP sold thousands of these laptops with bad Nvidia GPUs in them, and knew it early on. They dumpped them onto unsuspecting consumers and refuse to even admit there is a problem.
I just had an experience that makes me believe they are designing them to fail. The LCD screen on my HP Presario C700 became intermittent. I opened it all up and found that there was a small circuit board at the bottom of the screen that had exposed terminals right next to a grounding plate. If they touched, the screen lost backlight power. The only solution was to reboot. There was a small, soft buffer to keep these two parts separate, and if that got compressed, the short would happen. Now here's the weird thing. The grounding plate that creates the short is INTENTIONALLY there. It seems to have no other purpose than to be in close proximity to the charged circuit board. If you wanted to design something that would go out in a few years of use (but beyond the warranty policy), this would be a good way to design it!
I'll never, ever buy an hp again. Customer care sucks. My dv2700 died after the warranty expired and they wanted me to cough up the equivalent of $800 to fix it. Talk about getting fried in your own fat.
Thank you
I had the same problem with my pavilion dv 9000 and I coudn't fix the problem.
The only thing that I can say is not to buy HP notebook.
See below if your notebook series and product number are on the list and repair it for free.

Wow thanks. This worked on my daughter's HP Pavillion dv 6000.
I turned off the computer unplugged the power and took my battery out. then put the battery back in and restarted. everything came back. its all good!
Thanks!!! It totally worked for me!
Thanks a lot! I was worried and thinking my laptop was ruined, it worked perfect!
Thank you
its the screen problem put it on tv it will work good
Thank you
Hello all,

I have the same problem. I am suing HP pavilion dv5t which I bought on october 2008. I can connect to the external monitor though. So the problem should be with the monitor.

I talked to the customer service through chat and they were ready to provide me free mail service to send the laptop for repair. Since I am currently residing outside USA, I could not use that service and instead contacted the only available authorized service provider in my current location (Nepal). The said they will replace my monitor but it will take a month for that as they have to file the complain to Singapore and upon investigation on my product and warranty, they will send the new monitor.

Have to wait for a month to get my laptop repaired and its not even sure that it will be repaired in a month.
i have hp dv2533xt and it has the same problem(black screen). and I pull everything apart I mean everything, such as cpu, keyboard , ram hdd ... then take the motherboard out.
1. using heat gun and heat up the GPU slowly for 2 mins
2. put it back together
3. turn it on
4. WOW it work till now. ( I have problems in april 09)
i use laptop everyday and leave it on like 24hrs . yeah amazing hey.

i found this method on youtube. type in sear at youtube hp pavillion blackscreen and it with show you how to fix it. and don't forget to put more thermal compound on cpu and GPU when u put it back together. took me 1hrs to do this. good luck to u all
GoJayhawks > blackmask78 - Oct 21, 2009 at 03:25 PM
Since I was able to fix my problem from this forum I though I would add one thing in case someone has the same thing going on. My dv6000 would power on but the screen would stay black. I figured the screen was out and I just let it sit there for months then today I read the forum and brought it into work to see if an external monitor would work. Nothing showed up on that either. So after reading alot of posts I reseated the ram and hard drive, put the battery back in and it was totally good. So I would just suggest reseating the ram because apperantly if it is loose it can interrupt the laptops startup process.
Bernard > GoJayhawks - Dec 4, 2009 at 02:36 PM
Un grand merci à tous qui apportez chacun des solutions et améliorations. J'ai réparé grace à vous mon ordinatuer HP PAVILLON DV 6500 qui était avec écran complètement noir depuis des mois, même un infortaicien m'a dis que c'était la carte grahique et comme elle était intégrée à la carte mére je n'avais vu le coût pas d'autre solution que de chnager de portable. Encore merci, je viens de gagner quleques jours de saliare.
Hi iprashant,
I am in the same postion as ur's. I too own DV5T1000 and exactly same problem as urs. I am in India now.
Please let me know if you had resolved your issue and how.
i have a HP Pavilion DV9000. it appears with no display.. lights blink 4 times but no beeps.. what should I do?? pls help me...i already replace the memory but no works..
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Thank you
it may be that the switch which turns on the screen is stuck or even broken.
if so, contact your reseller, from where you bought the pc.
The problem is simply that the LCD monitor is ruined, your going to have to get used to the screen on the Tv or bite the bullet and get a new monitor installed or new system all togeather.

There is just one solution at has to do with your graphic card. Go and download the most updated drive and it will solve the problem.
This is for sure for the HP Pavilion running of NVidia. The comapny has released the new driver which solves numerous bugs related to the screen issues.

Marty > conQuist - Jan 9, 2010 at 10:25 PM
It solves nothing. Your computer will die shortly when thae Nvidia chip fries. The update willget you through till the warranty expires and then HP will tell you to take a hike.
Turning off, removing the battery and holding down the on button did work. How long can I expect the fix to last?
Marty you are so right. That's exactly what happened to my dv2700. I'm so disappointed with the lack of hp support.
Thank you
I fixed my problem simply by removing and re-inserting the battery.
you didn't have a problem duh lol
i had the same problem... tried to do a power on a couple of times... but did not work... and then tried removing and re-inserting ... as you said.... and it worked!! yeyeyeye :)
i have another solution , If you are trying to turn on your laptop with any Network USB UNPLUG IT FIRST
Thank you
all u have to do is take the battery out and bout ten seconds later put it bak in. Then start the computer and it will work cause I had the same problem.Try it!
This is exactly my problem:


So.. the Nvidia 8600M GS is defective.

and it cost 500$ to replace it... I dont have this kind of money,, I am depressed.. the laptop is expensive and I lost it plus no money for new laptop.

Why God .. Why..

anyone got an idea how to get my money back or even I can cut a deal with HP to fix the issue.
Thank you
HP DV9000 Warning! Banned from HP's site!

Bad motherboard, overheating problem, no support from HP

I have been banned from HP's web site for posting this. Therefore, I am going to post on every web site I can. My son bought an HP DV9235, which is a lot of money for him as he is 23 years old. I called for support and they gave me the standard BS "$400 for repair". This "repair" would not permanently fix the problem as overheating is one of the main causes of the problem.

So... I called the BBB, the FTC and the Ca Dept of Consumer Affairs. The CDCA was the only agency that replied. I spoke with a nice lady (details below) that said she would pursue my complaint with HP's legal department. I encouraged her to go public with the information she has to help others rather than just to pursue my complaint.

Here is the information that got me banned:

Loretta Dyson
Staff Services Analyst
Department of Consumer Affairs
Hayward Complaint Resolution Program
(510)881-4026 phone
(510)888-7060 fax

Good luck dealing with HP!
Thank you
hi all
i v the same issue here in DV6000- I agreed thats the best thing STOP BUYING THE DAMN HP..
i did read alot solutions in mise. sits- but didnt works with me..
may it help ypu guys.
1-press F8 after turn on th laptop.
2-remove HDD and battery ans pressing turn in for while (10Sec.) then connect ur laptop
with power cable.. then turn on they said screen will start workin..
I have a DV6000 and had the black screen issue. Tried the remove power and battery and HDD hold power button down for 10 sec, then put HDD and battery back in and applied power adapter and IT WORKED.... I have video again.

Hi, What is HDD?
HDD - hard disk drive
hi can you give me steps on how to remove battery for dv 6000....it seems screwed at the back...do I need to unscrew this or is there a faster way? please help...thanks!
a laptop batery should not be screwed in there is a switch you slide one way and the battery will pop up and then you can pull it out
Thank you
I've had the same problem too with my laptop. I have the same kind and I just learned how to solve this. Since you can connect your laptop to your tv, its easier. You have to go to start and in the search box type in system restore. It may take a minute but it will show up. Once it comes up, it will show you the date that you can restore it back to. You may not want to do that date so go to where it says choose a different restore point and click next. It will then display all the other dates that you can restore your laptop to. Choose one but maybe not the most recent one. You will have to close all other windows you have open before you start it. The system restore will then well, restore your laptop and restart it when it's done. You should see the windows logo come up when it comes back on and you will be able to type in your password. Your screen should show.
Thank you
Try this link, HP have a step by step guide to solving the problem

Thank you
I hav dv6000 too and when I enable administrator user and I try to login I giv me blank screen !!! so what I did is I try the suggestion i.e. unplugg batt n power chord, hold down power btn 30-60, then plug the chord again ..! but it dint work for me ! so what I try is plug another monitor to the VGA output b4 login administrator user....and wala it works for me !!

P.S:my wireless also got problem after laptop go to sleep mode..n wake up it fail to operate normally ... :S...what HP did ...!!!
Thank you
thank you fellow afghanistans
doin dat shit with the take out plug and batt and hold for 30-60 sec...man dat shits bomb
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