HP Pavilion has black screen problem [Solved/Closed]

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 Sai -
i dont know how to fix my hp pavilion 6000 series
the laptop is working,have the necessary sounds after I
turn it on,but the problem is that the screen stays always black
..i connect the lap top to tv screen,it shows that everything is working properly, even I reinstal the windows vista with new one ,by looking the tv screen and usind the butons on my lap top
..so I just have no idea way my screen is black,when the compiutar is working properly
..please if any body has ideas how to fix it....
thanks in advance...

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Thanks, tradwinds, you're my saviour, too!
I had the same problem whenever playing video, connecting to tv, etc. What solved it for me was going to the hp website and updating the bios driver. also, update the graphics driver just in case .
the only problem is the nividia graphic chip and the only temporary solution is heat gun treatment and the permanent solution is replacing the mother board
Its look like you have problem with LCD...or Lcd inverter (for lcd back light)
i think the video card that u use in ur laptop is not enough buy another vedio card or try another vedio card!!
HP DV2188ea - 3 beeps - 1 long, 2 short
I had been in contact with HP and several emails were sent backwards & forwards - they were having none of it! - 3 months out of warranty and it fails......In responding to their Tech Support, it seems definite that it is a problem with the NVidia 7200 chip set.....My laptop however is not on the list of extended repair programs. In the end, after threatening them with the "Sale of Goods" act, they called (from an international source!) and offered to send to a repairer at a cost of £390 total! You can imagine what my reply was...

Last night I read more into the situation and yes, it is a common problem with the chipset. On one forum it mentioned that they merely wrapped the laptop in a blanket with power on and VOILA - working....maybe for a short period but none the less....I know this can cause serious problems when "heating" components, but hey, what did I have to lose on this expensive paperweight? So, I rested my laptop on the heater for 2 minutes and you'll never guess..? It worked!! Now, when it cools down and I switch off - forget it, back to square one, but sitting on the heater for minute or two sorts this out...Just one problem at the moment, It wont restart but it will switch back on immediately with power button...

I'm not an expert with tech stuff but I know enough to get by. Basically it still is an expensive paperweight and it's pointless to replace with the same faulty chip?....Hp need a kick...

Dear HP users;
The real problem with the dv6000 laptops is in the motherboard!!..it is a defect that HP knows about,there was an extension on the warranty for 1 more year after the normal warranty period but it expired already.check HP website and you will find out
by the way a new motherboard for that laptop will cost you around $300.....I guess that they want you to buy a new laptop instead.

Yes your laptop is having gpu display chip crack problem it can be fis by expets visit to a shop who have all own setup to fix the gpu(bga) its a green chip which need to be replaced.
My HP Pavillion would run fine for a bit, then the sceen would go black but the computer would still be running. I would turn it off, then on, and it would go black again after a minute or two. Sometimes it would run okay, then it would randomly go black on the screen and sometimes just shut down on its own. I tried the battery removal, cutting the AC adaptor power supply, and turning the computer off and then on, but that didn't work. My husband decided to go to the control panel to the Power Options. He switched the power from "high" use level to "recommended." It has run perfectly ever since. No more shutting down, no more black screens.

Prior to this, I was getting VERY frustrated! Works like a charm now.
I had the same problem with my DV9525. I just unscrewed the screen, took out every bolt I could find and playwed with the wires.... Leaving is open as I restarted around 5 times and its working fine. Loose wires...

Try to connect your laptop to CRT moitor to check if it display correctly, it means your laptop screen is bad then try to replace it.