Acer laptop freezes on start up

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Hello, Please can someone help me! I made the very big mistake of letting my anti virus run out and in the process got viruses. I have now got a new anti virus that sorted some of the problems out - but couldnt get rid of all of them - now when I try and turn my laptop on it loads up to the desktop but then freezes almost straight away - not giving me a chance to click on anything - I have tried re-starting it time and time again but every single time it freezes. Is the Laptop now completely broken or is there anything I can do??? It is an Acer Laptop and it has Windows on it - not sure which one but its not the most up to date - as I got the Laptop 2 years ago.

Please help!

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Just finished repairing an Acer 3500 which was freezing on startup and running very slow, mouse and keypad would stop responding. To shut it down I had to remove the power cord and battery. It would start in safe mode without any problems. The following fixed the problem.
  • Start in Safe Mode.
  • Open Device Manager and expand Batteries.
  • Disable the entry "Microsoft ACPI-Compliant Control Method Battery".
  • Close and restart notebook in normal mode.

Hope that corrects the problem it did for me.

Thank you

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Tony, you da man! I tried every other tip, and nothing worked. Your tip speeds up my Acer Laptop in Normal Mode! What the heck batteries have to do with anything, but you are a genius for discovering it! Many thanks. Both my Acer Laptops are working much better after using your tip!
Sweet was about to burn this thing had it for 2 weeks then craped out and left for time tell i seen this thank u i no longer own a 100$ paper weight
Thank you for the tips...May God bless you..i almost have my work not finish..
2019 your method still useful. tq
Thank you Big Tone. Can i have you contact
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If your machine is infected your best bet is to re-install the operating system. You could try logging into the machine in safe mode, This is usually done by restarting the pc and after or during the Asus splash screen keep hitting f8 until a black screen comes on with white writing. one of the options should say Start safe mode. Select that option and see if you can logon, if you can and you dont have a problem try running your anti virus scanner again while in safe mode.

Please let me know how it goes. There are other things I can get you to try just message back.
thanks Richie

I will try it when I get home tonight and let you know tomorrow - when you say re-install the stuff on to it - do I require a disc to do that???

Someone told me in order to put the stuff back on I need a disc, but I never got one when I got the laptop - would I just order one of Acer?

Remove the battery and it will start !!!
right on!!! As with Big Tone. This problem seems to stem from battery problems. My mouse pad/keyboard goes slow and freezes up soon after booting up. Can't even use the power button to shut down - have to unplug and remove battery. Before all this happened my battery seemed to be on its last leg - literally lasting about 2 minutes on its own.
So now I have removed the battery and it works fine.
Will further go on to do what Big Tone recommends.