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my computer has recently decided to show nothing but a blank screen after the windows load screen has finished. the screen flickers with random colours then switches to standby mode.
the computer has no problem loading up in safe mode, so I have run anti-virus programs but come up with nothing. I thought it may be my power supply not feeding enough to my graphics card but a new supply (530w instead of the old 305w) makes no difference.
i am starting to think this is a problem with my graphics card, drivers or windows but I dont know enough to get this working without help

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Before you try to replace a graphics card or do a reinstall of an Operating System, Check to see if the jumpers on the hard drive are set to master.

This is a small clip that sits in pins on the back of the hard drive. Cable select could be going out and cause the same symptoms. If you are not sure how to set a jumper just google it for directions and it should help, but hard drive a labeled. CS-for cable select, SL- for slave, and MA- for master.
Thank you

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> teagle
welcome screen comes on,and screen is blank,but everything else is working fine.i need help.
> teagle
Did you ever resolve this problem? I'm having the same issues can't log in the screen is just black.
Just stumbled across this thread in desparation as had problems after install of TV card.
Followed your advice about the jumpers and as if by magic Windows could be re loaded.

Many Many THANKS!

Thanks Dusty, I had to set the jumper from CS to maaster and it worked. Thanks a million
> stan
Worked for me as well.
I just had a very similar problem on my new system, and GOT IT FIXED after trying several things! :).

My problem was the same you describe: Everything was fine, until I installed the video driver. On the first reboot after installing the driver Windows loads normally until right before the welcome screen. The display goes black and display LED blinks. I can tell Windows still continues to load because I can hear the startup sound from my speakers and the harddisk activity looks normal too. The system will even shutdown properly with a single push on the power switch. So no crashes or anything, just no display output. Booting to safe mode is fine. In safe mode you can remove the Nvidia driver in Device Manager so you can boot back to normal mode again.

After googling I tried various things:
- First went on installing all the other drivers and updated the BIOS, since it was a brand new system on a fresh install. This may be a useful tip for people with the same kind of problem: Always check your motherboard's site for the latest BIOS version.
- Tried the latest driver from Nvidia's site (the first time was the driver offered trough Microsoft Update). Nvidia's own driver got me past the welcome screen, but a few seconds after the welcome screen the display went black again. I guess Nvidia's own driver applies the new settings a little later than the one offered by Microsoft's Update. A slight improvement, but no fix.
- Switching off Write Combining is suggested in farious forum topics, but I couldn't find this option. And i'm afraid I i change this option it will just be reset once I install the driver. No fix there.
- Tried another cable. Both cables were DVI, but I read somewhere a guy fixed this by buying a new DVI cable and I had a second one laying around. Would have tried a analogue VGA cable too, but couldn't find one. Cable doesn't seem the problem either(for me).

At this point I was about to try the videocard from my old system to see if it had the same problem, but went to my BIOS settings first. After looking around in the BIOS settings I changed two settings:
- Plug And Play O/S (Advanced > PCI/PnP Settings): Changed from Yes to No.
- Initiate Graphic Adapter (Advanced > Chipset Settings > North Bridge Chipset Configuration): Changed from PEG/PCI to PCI/PEG.
Saved changes, reboot, installed drivers again, reboot, and... IT WORKED! So changing one (or both) of those settings above did the job. I don't feel like figuring out which of the those two settings was really responsible for the trouble right now (already spent way to much time on this), but I post this for people with the same problem googling for an answer.

Relevant system specs:
Asus P5Q Deluxe motherboard
NVIDIA GeForce 9600 GT GPU
Windows Vista Ultimate SP1 64-bit

Hope this will be helful to someone...
Before you go banging around in the BIOS try replacing the driver. Start windows in safe mode, press F8 usually during startup - I had to turn my monitor off and on again to see the screen a second at a time, and use arrow keys to move down to "safe mode". Let windows load, If the monitor works in safe mode you're ok. Go to control panel, system, device manager, monitors, where you see your monitor right click and uninstall device. Restart and windows should re-detect your monitor, worked for me.
I think resistor had the better option. Reboot in safe mode F8 and then uninstall video driver and then reboot.
"Reboot in safe mode F8 and then uninstall video driver and then reboot."

I did this, but now the screen is black in safe mode as well. The only thing I see the white cursor along with the normal safe mode text on teh screen.

How can I reload the driver when I can't see anything. I'm not computer savvy ... so detail step-by-step instructions would be great!!
I had this occur to me today and I realized earlier I had removed the hdmi cable running to my TV. Once I plugged the hdmi back in my reboot was normal. Thank you to someone else in this thread for mentioning that.
Having same problem. Changed lead from dvi to HDMI and it worked.
hey people out there. I think I got a solution to the black/blue screen problem. what you gona do is have an original copy of windows xp cd (eg, those that came with the pc). insert the cd into the cd rom and then boot from the cd. choose repair using recovery console and do this:
1. select the windows drive you want to repair as the problem is usually with corrupt windows files. in this case, type
in 1 then enter. remember to put in the admin password if you have any otherwise press enter and continue.
2. in the next command line, type this as it appear here... CHCKDSK /P /R then press enter.
3. after this I suggest you take a cup of coffee and wait coz its gona be a long process which the pc is gona do all by
itself. when chckdsk completes, type exit then try booting again.

4. BEST OF LUCK!!!!!!!!!
thanks bro
its amazing........ I followed ur steps when my PC goes black... thanks once again
Hi, it is not the right command ................. right one is here CHKDSK /P /R
But Thanks for the Help. I had no idea it could be done this way.
thank u man ! It worked : D
What if your computer already came with WINDOWS 7,then what?
well I had the same problem I pushed the on/off button a few times and windows poped up, so give it a try
Just change your VGA connector's port.
I put it in the 2nd port, still black screen. then insert the connector back in the original port and it was fixed :).
Hope this solution will work for other people.
hey people out there. I think I got a solution to the black/blue screen problem. what you gona do is have an original copy of windows xp cd (eg, those that came with the pc). insert the cd into the cd rom and then boot from the cd. choose repair using recovery console and do this:
1. select the windows drive you want to repair as the problem is usually with corrupt windows files. in this case, type
in 1 then enter. remember to put in the admin password if you have any otherwise press enter and continue.
2. in the next command line, type this as it appear here... CHKDSK /P /R then press enter.
3. after this I suggest you take a cup of coffee and wait coz its gona be a long process which the pc is gona do all by
itself. when chckdsk completes, type exit then try booting again.

4. BEST OF LUCK!!!!!!!!!

None of these solutions worked for me, my computer was working fine, then one day this problem started. Windows would act like it was starting up, then go to a black screen, thinking I might have some bad ram or other hardware issue, I took the drive out, I had a clone on my old drive for this same system, I popped it in all was fine, it was a small 40 gig drive tho. So I tried everything I could to not have to reformat and redo the entire drive. I put my copy of windows xp, tried the whole restore thing, that did not work, I took the drive back out and made a back up of all content, ran an antivirus check on it no virus's were found. I tried flashing my cmos, then tried to restore again and it did not work. I tried to start in in safe mode and that only made it freeze up really good. I think it is a microsoft udate that screwed me up, that is what it did just before it started this updated restarted went retarded, thanks microsoft, now I get to spend the nex few days reloading, updating and up grading about 30gigs of software and files. The only thing I got to work was reformatting the drive and reloading crappersoft.

I just read on many people are having similiar problems to mine, it appears to be an AMD chip related deal. I wonder if microsoft planned that to help get rid of AMD, I guess I will try that next time, but from now on auto update will be forever turned off.

Thats exactly what happened to me after I installed service pack 3; my compuer started off just like you noted.I have to wait about three to four hours with my computer turned on aith the black screen after window start up, then when my screen goes blank and the led light is blinking on the moniter, then I know it is o.k. to click my mouse and then the welcome screen opens up. It is a pain because I thoght I was the only one who thought that the service pack 3 screwed up my computer,but my problem happened immediately after loading the update on my automatic update setting.I think this service pack is the problem. I ran systeme mechanic pro 7 and it found 57 problems in my registry.I fixed them amd my computer is working o.k for now...
I have the same problem as you all here. But, I do not have nvidia, I`ve ati gpu and asus board. Yesterday I solved the problem for 1 startup only by reinstalling drivers, but then it appeared again. So I used system refresh and went back to point before this problem started to happen and it worked, for now. I have vista btw.
that happened to me after putting a new wireless card in it, people say its static but it still works just what u said I guess
I am having some similar problems.Initially I was not getting any connection from the cpu to the monitor quite a lot of times.Then it showd "bluee screen of death"symptoms,after startup,hanging badly and then the BSOD symptom.Now sometimes a black screen is shown after startup and everything hangs or boot screen hangs by itself or sometimes while booting my windows the screen hangs and stucks up there.Also during boot,the functional keys are not working.So I cannot check the hard disk.I have a dual boot system with suse and windows xp,where in suse by itself again some other problems are there like lan port disables by itself if suse is booted and even after reboot with windows,it doesnot work.
Is it any problem with the RAM?please help.urgent.I have work to do urgently in my computer.
Check the Mother board for bad capacitors it sounds like this is the case in your situation.
I had a similar problem but I run Vista 64 bit. I ended up formatting, re-installing Vista, installing all Vista updates EXCEPT the video card drivers. After that I flashed the BIOS to the latest version, set optimized defaults in BIOS then re-installed the drivers for the graphics card.

Hope that helps you as well!

i found the fix for that;try to run pc in dual view,second monitor or tv out.there open nvidia control panel and make pc monitor the default out. the problem is not the pc or vga,vista 64 have proublems ro recognize monitors.i hope this help.
I was having this issue this morning, screen goes blank shortly after loading windows desktop. Originally I thought it was some driver conflict as it only happened halfway through loading my startup programs.

After having tried just about everything, I went back to basics. First was removing my latest hardware {24" wide lcd} and using my old 19". Worked no issues. I was stumped.

Eventually I remembered a setting I had changed on my nvidia control panel. Multi-display/mixed-GPU acceleration was set to Multi Display performance mode {by default}. I had originally changed this to single display mode due to an identified performance issue in Age of Conan.

I think originally what happened, was I deleted some temp files yesterday. Had this issue this morning, and reinstalled drivers as a first solution. Then I realised that this default setting may have issue with the dvi-hdmi cable that my 24" LCD uses. In any case after doing a clean re-install of the latest nvidia drivers, plugging in my 19" and changing this setting, I was then able to plug back in my 24". Restarted twice {to be sure} and it was fixed.

As for the other issue raised here about your screen going black during gameplay, this is normally due to the nvidia display stops responding and has recovered {not a hardware issue, but a commonly known nvidia driver issue}. This is caused by a conflict with vista desktop theme. Try switching your colour theme to windows classic {ie disabling Aero, vista basic appears to use this too}.
Wow I Figured It out, all I did was Boot IT up to SAFE MODE then delete the video driver, then restart the computer then it works....thats when I reinstall my video card again....simple as that
Hi JV, Where do I go to delete the video driver?
Hopefully this will fix this problem for me.

The problem:

On a fresh install (including reformatting the drive) of XP Pro with Service Pack 2 on an older Dell laptop, everything was running cool. Windows apparently found all of the standard drivers for all of my hardware, which is a first. I adjusted my video to the highest resolution, installed a wireless PCMCIA card and associated drivers and rebooted.

Everything was still smooth, POST ran through without a hitch, windows splash screen came up then it went blank, but I could hear through the speaker that normal processes were running but no video.

The solutions:

I booted in VGA mode, downloaded and installed the factory drivers from Dell for EVERYTHING, not just video. I rebooted on a normal startup...same issue.

So, ok, obviously this isn't a hardware issue as I can can see everything (even adjust the resolution to the highest settings) in VGA mode. The drivers were updated, so that leaves the BIOS and the OS.

I flashed the BIOS and rebooted...same.

I made the recommended changes to the BIOS as suggested on this forum...same.

That leaves the operating system.

I dug in deep in the devices (showed hidden hardware) and found that there were two monitors listed in addition to an AIM 4 video adapter to run a flat panel monitor. I have no idea where this came from, but I began the task of trial and error disabling and rebooting.

I disabled the AIM 4, and the flat panel monitor, leaving only the "default monitor" enabled. I rebooted and it worked....however....the resolution wouldn't go any higher than 640x480 in 16-bit...nasty.

So, now we know the problem. WINDOWS THINKS THERE IS AN EXTERNAL DISPLAY PLUGGED IN. When there is one present, all operations continue, but the video feed goes to the external display while the primary display is in sleep.

The final fix:

Before I dug into changing and hacking up drivers and customizing windows to do the right thing, I decided to let it do ALL of it's updates just in case it reverted any of my changes back to default and I would have to do them again.

I booted up in VGA mode...adjusted the video to hi-res (mostly so I could see everything), and let it go crazy for the next four (4) hours downloading, installing and rebooting. The problem was still there all the way up to the last update...Service Pack 3.

Get this...SP3 fixed the problem. I know, I was like "no way", but seriously after the reboot following the SP3 upgrade my video popped right up at the last-saved hi res setting, go figure.
I am having this problem also.. this is the most informative post I could find on this topic.. Would this also include the W7 beta 7000 install.. just really frustrating.. it seems like my monitor looses communication to the computer and goes to sleep.. so not necessarily black screen.. I do have it Duel Booting into XP also and that works fine. I will check all the solutions tonight when I get home to see if any work.. But from what I can recall from memory it all should be correct.. I will double check just in case.


64bit AMD 3200+ AM2 socket
Nvidia 9600 GT+ OC
6GB Ram
W XP sp3 w/ Duel Boot W7 Beta 7000
Correction... if the specs even matter.... lol

AMD Athlon 64 processor
3800+ 2.41ghz
6GB Ram
XP 32bit SP3
I think though, that the best solution would be to login in safe mode ... as an Administrator of that computer and then run a system restore for a previous date ... it worked fine that way for me ...
well my computer is not responding to functional keys during startup... like f10 or f8 is not responding during startup... so can't even check my hard disk or log on the safe mode...
I think this is the same problem I have had.
Blank deskop upon startup and an empty tool bar. My guess is that Desktop Window Manager is not getting along with the graphics driver and something is failing to startup.
A quick fix for me is to open the Taskmanager. Locate dwm.exe .... and end process JUST ONCE.
If you stop it once it seems to reload itself and everyone seems happy, problem kinda fixed.
IF YOU END PROCESS 2x it seems to screw up windows 7 somethin awful. I'm still in counseling.. ? jk
Hopes this helps cuz I was sick of restarting windows 3x to fix the glitch

i just reinstall the drivers easy as that with the TV on and the 2 connections set
to my CRT and HDMI to my LCD
now works perfectly both of them
i think the problem was when I installed ATITOOLS, cause I think the program has its own drivers

good luck to you all
I had the same problem, but I fixed it with a different method.
I have Asus P5B-Plus (bios 1002), Intel Q2D 6750 and Palit 7900GS. When I first install Vista Ultimate x64 SP1 and nvidia's latest driver v128.24, it was working. Hoever, after I installed a series of updates, my second display suddenly turns black after a reboot (it turns black right before vista loading welcome screen). Here is my way of fixing the problem, I replaced nvidia's new driver with the driver comes with vista. after a reboot, my second monitor comes back.
I think, it must be one of the updates that is playing up. anyway, I do not care as long as the problem keeps away from me.