My Passport WD 1TB is not recognizing by PC,Laptop

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When I was transfering data pc frezeed and extracted my passport wd harddrive while it was transfering file. Now it is not recognizing by laptops and pc. It seems it is still working.It has light and sound while I am connecting it to PC. In the corner it shows up that harddrive is their but I can not find it in My computer.Please could you help me. I checked a lot forums regarding this issue but concrete information I can not find

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Try this 1.

Check in the "Disk Management".

Click on Start --> In search bar, type diskmgmt.msc and press Enter.

"Disk Management" window will be opened. If you notice a partition without a

drive letter then right-click on it --> Select "Change Drive Letter and Paths..." -->

Click on "Add" button --> Add --> Select the drive letter --> Click on OK.

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Thank you for this info. Saved time in my life :)
thanks a lot dude
helped me too
Hi I recently bought 1TB WD passport. It is not recognised by Win7. I tried connecting to 2 laptops and 1 desktop but no use. Even it is not shown in the disk management. I have download all available tools from WD website but of no use. I have tried using other cable as well. Is there any other solution, which I should try? Your support will be very helpful
I tried to do this, and I saw the "change letter" when I right-clicked, but it was not clickable.
What should I do?
Thank my life