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Can't see my one single drive while browsing

Hello, while browsing a file, my pc doesnot show my local drive e: solution for this

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Excel macro help please

Hi guys, I have a excel document with several If statements. Everything I have figured out so far. But now I am sitting with a problem. The 1 sh...

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Excel macros help

Hello, I am try to get a macro to let me do: Input a number in cell c1 and have that number appear in a1 then the macro will delete the number in ...

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Hello, im trying to do a vlookup and am stuck on how to. i need the correct meal price to apper once the meal no. and meal type have been placed in,...

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Help please (excel)

Hello, I have a excel sheet that is really tricky. This is a bit a my problem. Lets say it's a test. I have a Total Amount Scored column a...

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Web browser slow

Hello, well actually my web browser is extremly slow any idea of what can i do to optimize the speed please?

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Use cells in different files in excell

Hello, Hello, H have different files named 110.xlc...1980.xlc...1020... and the final file there is a column in it . the value of it select as name ...

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Cannot use ctrl+f in macro (need vba help!!)

Hello, I recorded a macro that when run, will perform a web query and extract daily prices for a particular commodity. Now, I need to copy these pr...

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Excel macro held

Hello, If I could get some help with this macro it would be greatly appreciated. I've been working on this project for work for a while. As you c...

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Kyle L

Excel macro help for novice

Hello, Everyone I just joined Kioskea. Need to create a macro that will change a group of cells when a specific cell contains a certain value. T...

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Pretty basic excel macro help

Hello, I am writing a macro (which will be used to create a VB6 program) in Excel 2003. The spreadsheet Update_Log is a database with 9 user i...

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Excel doc

hi dude, Am getting problem with excel document when i try to save the document it says saved but i cant find that in the place i saved it...

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Excel formulas

Hello, I just create a database on excel , it is a daily record for my internal production , I would like to link some sheets together and get a...

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Importing excel on access

Hello Can I import excel files and information into Microsoft access to create data base?

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Excel formatting question

Hello, I am trying to figure our how to get the cell to return either a "0" or a blank look when there are no values using the formula in place. This...

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Excel problems

Hello, I've been using microsoft excel for a long time now but i can't remember how to deal with the formulas and i don't remember how to use the row...

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