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Date counter and then stop when new date is entered

I am attempting to calculate the time between B9 and Z9. and the same with D9 and Z9. the person who created the file is only calculating from "Today'...

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Macro to compare 2 sheets and copy differences


Hello, I’ve been working with this macro to compare two worksheets and copy the matches to a third sheet. Not knowing vb very well can someone show...

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Combine cell text


Hi, I am after an easy way to combine text in several rows into one cell. The number of rows that need combining will vary from 2- 10 (Would be...

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Vba error -2147417848 (80010108) automation error

So I am trying to make a spreadsheet that tracks our usage by diameter and individual serial number. I perform some basic checks using conditional for...

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Copying data from one excel sheet to another.


Hello, Newbie here. Okay, I have an Excel workbook that houses a form on the first sheet. What I'm trying to do is to automatically copy the da...

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Copy rows from excel to another sheet once a date in a specific field is filled


I have a current spreadsheet that lists our customers, job names, and delivery dates for the materials. I would like to have those lines copy automati...

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Cells copying and pasting in a empty cell of another sheet


Hello, One Excel file has 2 Sheets. First sheet called "source" and second one called "Bestand" In sheet "source" one cell (a1 for example) must...

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Punching time


Hi again! I have this task ofcalculating the punching time of our agents. I have 4 sheets in one excel. "Deliveroo Data" This is where the orders ...

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Date am and pm but need the date to change


Hello, I have 12 workbooks, what I am trying to figure out is I have the date and time in one cell. But I has it 1/1/2020 00:00 then them next lin...

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Copy x rows y times and then insert customer id on each set of x rows


Hello, I have a set of criteria, 56 criteria as of now, and I have to check how many criteria each customer meets. In one tab I have the list of the ...

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Transferring data autonomously to another sheet with certain text


Hello, I want to copy the words "Pending" and "Candidates" from my main sheet called 'Test Project' to my new sheet called 'Pending Test'. Bot...

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Averaging data on inserted rows in excel

Hello, Please after successfully inserting specific number of rows in excel, is there any code that can help you average the data on the inserted ...

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Calculating normalized standard deviation in rolling window

Hello, Please how do I calculate normalized standard deviation in a rolling window for positive and negative values?

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Populate data from a column in one worksheet to a cell in multiple other sheets


In a workbook, I want to be able to copy all the cells in column B of sheet "Raw Data" into multiple copies of an existing template sheet correspondin...

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Extracting images from a database but named with a specific cell content.

Hi there people! I could use some help... I'm currently importing product images from a database into Excel using the Visual Basic code below: ...

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Find out date filling cells


Hi, First of all thanks for your help I have a big excel file which I have been filling it for the last 2 years. There is a way to find out the da...

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How to hide text in a excel cell and display it when needed


Hi friends I have doubt in excel. I have a column called 'Status' and want to show the text either as 'Pending' or 'Completed' depending on the ...

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Seperating time from text


Hello, I have a task in my office that i can't get done and it is very impossible to finish within 1 week as these are 14,000+ orders. The sheet ...

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Adjusting code transfer data from combo box & textbox into userform to sheet

Hello, i would help adjusting this code it doesn't work it gives me error when i transfer data to sheet i want to begins transfer dat...

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Conditional formatting to show when job is done

HI, I have work tracking file. all is running good only i want to have conditional formatting in it. for example:- in sheet dme, column f12:f50 is...

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Excel project

I’m in pompano beach Florida searching for a freelancer for this excel project. Not much success yet. Any help would be appreciated

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Update master / summary tab with all new entries in other sheets / tabs

Hello, I have a workbook with 9 worksheets; one of the sheets is the master; created to be the other 9 sheets compiled into 1. I need to set it up...

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Working on the same workbook from 2 locations

Hello, my name is Marshall and I'm a Logistics Planner. I have created a load schedule on Excel for every day of the week, depending on how many vehic...

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Vba: delete empty rows based on value of cells


Hello, my code works transfer my invoice from sheet1 to sheet 2 but my problem i would adjusted my code to become delete rows from a19: e32 i...

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Excel linking to word

Hello, Please I need assistance, I want to link and excel worksheet to word document and be able to edit it on word without having to open the excel...

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Transfer data from one excel file to another

Is it possible to transfer specific data using a formula from a single worksheet in an excel file to another worksheet in a second excel file?

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How to simply this excel formula


Is there a way to make this formula simpler? =IF($K9=0,"",SUM($L9*$L11)/R9+IF($K9=0,"",SUM($M9*$M11)/$R9+IF($K9=0,"",SUM($N9*$N11)/$R9+IF($K9=0,"",...

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Vba compare 2 sheets and output difference to 3rd sheet

Hello, I am trying to make a button on VBA that will take compare two excel sheets, and identify new numbers in a certain column and copy and past...

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Serial numbers

Hi, Can someone help me create a series of numbers? I ran out of numbers. Please help me do this numbers. I need maybe 5000 numbers for this. here is ...

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How to check if a cell contains "%" and calculate accordingly.


I am wondering how to do that? I learnt no basics, just went on by myself trying to figure out things and so here is what I am trying to do.. Ba...

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Findall this custom function returns find and findnext results as an array of va

Find All This custom function returns Find and FindNext results as an array of values. It will find all the instances of a string (sText As String) a...

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Vba stops running when it reaches a blank cell

Hello Everyone, I have an Excel spreadsheet that I am preparing for use. In the spreadsheet, i have a VBA macro set up to transfer out data from t...

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Vba copy/paste fixed range a number of times


Hello Team, I'm looking for a VBA code to copy the three rows and with input box paste based on the times, I entered in the input box. FOr ex...

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Excel - if function with multiple words


Hi I'm trying to write a formula to produce a yes/no answer depending on whether the data in a previous cell in the same row contains any of the wo...

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Calcul de prévision des livraisons de colis sur les deux prochaines années

Bonsoir, J aimerai faire une projection sur Excel pour les 2 prochaines années,pour ce faire je dispose des données des livraisons de colis pour 2027...

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Mac: copy rows to master sheet based on cell condition

I am an insolvency professional. I keep details of processes to be conducted on different companies alongwith their time lines. The different columns ...

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Adjust code show message about brand

hi i would helping to adjust my code i have data in my sheet a,b ,c columns a= item , b= brand, c= quantity and userform textbox1,2,3 when...

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Find a date in a range of dates


Hi All. Another silly Macro question that I cant seem to find an answer for ... As my wife does silly shift at work I have developed an excel sp...

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How to merge bank statement into one column

Hello, how can I merge bank statement credit transaction with debit transaction in excel into one column? Considering credit transaction should be i...

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Excel vba sorting problem

Hello, This code is placing all the header names in the last row after sorting in descending order. Can you please help how to keep the position of ...

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Copy data to a master sheet from newly created sheet

Hello, I have a master sheet that I want to automatically fill. I have a macro that creates a new sheet for each instance, I now need another to ...

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Creating graph that updates

Hello, I am keeping track of how many work orders are being created each month. On my "Completed Sheet" in column F it has the due dates. I would ...

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Vba sum data between 2 sheets

hi, expert i have sheet1 contain data from range a4:e and the sheet2 contains data from range a3:g i would sum the data in sheet1 from b4:e and s...

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Need to extract the data from one page to another page based on the unique numbe

Hi i have data like below mentioned format, need to extract and paste it in another sheet, please help me in it. DEAL_NO DEAL_DATE APPLICATION_OFF...

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Vba coding

I had a file with 2 sheets say 1,2. From 1st sheet I want to copy one by one cells of A column whose value is OK in C column and paste it in C1 of sh...

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Arrow keys not working

Hello, my arrow keys are not working. up down left right

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Ratnendra Ashok  

Unable to change date format in excel


Hello, I have an excel worksheet with a date column, the format is set to dd-mmm-yyyy but the dates in the columns display as mm/dd/yyyy. If I doubl...

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Excel 2013 to extract text in one cell

Hi, I want to extract in the right column, a part of the left column, for instance: see below 2 lines for each line at the right column I want to ext...

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How to transfer data from sheet to sheet 2

Hello, I have created an excel file which I need to track progress of each order, in the first sheet I have created the list of things that needs ...

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If statement


Hello, I am really struggling to get the correct formula for below situation: example: Cell A2 is a "due date" Cell B2 is a "completion date" ...

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