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I pod not syncing

Hello, i have got i pod classic 120 gb and it is not syncing properly only half the songs are going into the i Pod.There was an antivirus scan we...

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Hello my ipodtouch won't open when i unplugged it....but i can open it when it's charging and i tried connecting it the laptop but it's not detec...

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Ipod touch and it doesn't charge

Hello, I'm Adrianne, I got a iPod touch and it doesn't charge on any charger and there's no Apple logo on it. Its totally black and dead. How to ...

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Desperate to save my ipod...

Hello, My iPod has been dead for a few weeks now and no matter how much I charge it it wont turn on anymore. And since my home screen button is al...

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How to put music from ipod nano to windows7?

Hello, I got my nano from my brothr who downloadd the songs from his computer, but when I tried to put the songs on mine, It tells m I need to r...

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Puttin music on ipod

Yes I would like to know how to put music on my iPod without using iTune...and the only way I have internet is with my Acer tablet...plz help me ...

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Ipod classic doesn't sound

Hello, i have an ipod classic 80gb, and itunes doesn't recognize it, also it doesn't sound, you select a song and press play appears the song with the...

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16 gig ipod touch is stuck

Hello, My ipod seem to be stuck in what i think is recovery mode.....i have tried to restore it in itunes but doesnt seem to work ...tried it at a...

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My computer won't show my ipod?


Hello, I went to plug my ipod touch into my computer and it doesn't show up anywhere. It says it's charging and stuff but i can't get my photo's or ...

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Ipod playing through speakers and headphones?


Hello, i have one of the video ipods. 5th generation i think, not to sure though. when i play it it will play both out of the ipod its self and the ...

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Ipod help!!

Hello, Okay so my computer crashed a few months ago and I had all my Ipod music on it. I finally was able to get my computer fixed but they had to ...

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Can't add songs to my ipod :(


hey! so i've never had a problem with my ipod until now but ever since i got a new computer i cant seem to add new songs to it. I've already authorize...

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My 80 gb ipod classic's buttons wont work he

Hello, so my friends dad had got this ipod and gave it to me brand new. when i plug it in it charges fine and poped up just fine on the ipod. whe...

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Ipad trouble

Hello, when i sign into facebook on my ipad it signs in then before the home page up loads it changes pages and go onto you tube!! plz help me fix thi...

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Lost music from my itune and ipod


Hello, I just sync my music from ipod into my itune. However, I cannot find the music into my computer nor from my ipod. What should I do to ret...

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Ipod 80gb classic restart after connect


Hello, My iPod 80GB classic restart itself all time, after I connect to my computer. iTunes does not recognize my iPod. In Disk Mode is ok (no resta...

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I tunes want to delete my ipad applications


Hello, recently and all of a sudden i tunes start to give a message when i sync applications that all my applications will be erased if i continue ...

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My ipod wiped my songs off it.

Hi, Today I went on itunes to sort out some of my music and it said an update was available. After it had updated my apps and internet history showed...

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My ipod won't charge


Hello, I have an ipod that has not be charge in years, i try to charge it and it never charge i try everything and still won't charge, all it show...

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Can't add new songs on my ipod


Hello, the last time I opened itunes it proposed me to update my ipod to a newer version, that's what I did.. THE BIGGEST MISTAKE EVER.. now when ...

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Sequencing problem on ipad

Hi friends, I am facing a problem regarding sequencing photos on ipad please help me Actually when I transfer my photographs from lightroom or ip...

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Cant download flash for ipad

Hello, Configuration: Windows XP / Internet Explorer 7.0 I have just got a US spec IPAD and cant download Flash player, is there a solution...

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How to transfer ipad music to computer?


Hello,everyone!I am very new to posting so please bear with me. I had a notebook pc with all of our itunes music downloaded to it. No I did not ba...

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Ipad issues...

Hello, i was wondering if anyone knew how to put movies on the ipad. they are all checked in the little boxes but wont sync and appear onto the ipad i...

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MrSprinkles6 laptop, itunes 10, ipad.....

Hello, followed an answer to the letter but all has gone wrong please help. I have a new laptop and an iPad. I down loaded iTunes 10 to get the me...

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Music is not fully syncing on ipad

Hello, When I sync my ipad to my desktop not all the albums are transfering to the ipad. 6 out of 21 selected. It looks like all the apps, contac...

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Ipad and mobile phone


Hello, 1. I wonder whether we can use iPad to make phone calls? 2. I am using HTC Touch Diamond as my handset. Are there any methods to make t...

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