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Wanna hear a song and i use earphone the left side doesnt work

Hello, whenever I try to listen to my music and and the left side of the ear phone doesn't work only on the right side and which I don't know to fi...

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It wont turn on

Hello, Ipod touch 5th gen wont turn on. And home button nit responding for long time so i cant do what others says, press power button and home bu...

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My ipod wont turn on or charge

Hello, I was using my ipod then I plugged it in to charge then suddenly it refused to turn on or charge it was just blank ......... I tried reco...

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Ipod touch 6th generation stoped working

Hello, I was using my IPod 6th generation last night when out of no where the screen just went black. I know that it was fully charged and the screen ...

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Ipod nano no sound

Hello, my ipod just keeps going from one song to the next never stopping and no sound Configuration: Windows / Chrome 52.0.2743.116

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Ipod turns on then goes to a white screen then restarts.

Hello, my iPod 4th gen randomly started resetting one day I have no reason why it was working perfectly fine. When I plug it in it starts up then goes...

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My home button is broken and my ipod touch 5 won't turn on

Hello, So this morning I was playing with my Ipod and it went to sleep, normal, so when I went to wake it up and turn it back on, nothing happened. ...

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Drained ipod touch 5th generation won't charge

I charged it this morning and it was all fine but when I charged it again with already low battery percentage, it couldn't connect. Tried lots of time...

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4th generation, apple sign, shuts off

Hello, 4th generation ipod has to be connected, apple logo comes on then shuts off and the process just circulates forever and ever. when i disconne...

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My ipod touch won't turn on

Hello, I was on it and it was working no problem. It turned off all of a sudden and won't light up. It dings when I plug it in, but otherwise does n...

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Songs wont play

Hello, i think I accidently deleted my music, but it still appears to be there, but it skips through them all till it gets back to the beginning w...

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Problem with ipod nano 5th gen

Hello, my ipod 5th nano is not working it is completely black no moments i tried all the remides holding menu and up and down button etc and its not...

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Help my ipod

Hello, my ipod will not turn on, one day i put it in sleep mode and didn't go back to it until 2 or 3 weeks later i tried to turn it back on but t...

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Ipod model mco34ll no sound in car usb


Hello, Independently or with a head set I am able to hear the music from my ipod, but once it is hooked into an USB port car, there is no sou...

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Hello, my iPod 5 touch wont turn on , i was watching YouTube videos and my iPod glitched so i just turned it off. i waited a few minutes after watch...

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My ipod has no sound

Hello, my iPod fell on its sound and does not let sound out but when I put headphones on they work what do I do Configuration: iPhone / Safari...

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My ipod wont turn on

hello my ipod turned white then shut off and till this day it wont charged or turn on I tried everything what should I do please respond thank you.

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My ipod nano 7th generation will not recanised my windows pc

Hello, I can't get my iPod 7th generation recanised my windows pc can someone help?? Configuration: Windows / Chrome 50.0.2661.102

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My ipod touch won't charge even when pluged in

Hello, im lily I have had my ipod for a while now and since Christmas 2015 it has not been charging I have been using the same charger as now (my...

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Ipod not charging

Hi I have a 5th generation ipod and it won't charge and I don't know why please help me as missing my music :(

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Transfer ipod music to computer

Hello, I have a ipod from few years ago (about 7) anyway I had laptop and had aol as my internet. I no longer have laptop and when the sony ipod r...

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My ipod displays the apple logo then shuts off

Whenever I try to open my iPod it displays the apple logo for a while then shuts off again. My home button is broken so I can't restart my device... ...

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My ipod 5th generation is charge an wont turn on


Hello, please help me its charge but wont turn on

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Why wont my ipod touch turn on?

Hello, I left it alone for about half an hour and its black and left it charging for about 6 hours or so and it still wont turn on still. Plz help! ...

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Home button broken

Hello, I tried this but my home button doesnt work and I had to put the home button on the screen, so what can I do now.

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Listen to ipod offline?

Hello, How do u download music to a iPod so u can listen to it offline Configuration: iPhone / Safari 6.0

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Ipod 5 won't turn on after listening to music

Hello, So I used my iPod and listened to some music and when I got home I decided to pause it first so I can eat. I pause it and put it in my bag. ...

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My ipod wont turn on!please help!!!


Hello, my ipod is an ipod touch 8 gb and no matter what i do it wont turn on ive tried everything but nothing seems towork... i get an apple scre...

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My ipod touch wont charge or turn on.

Hello, my grandmother has had my ios 5.0.1 , 4th generation,white ipod touch (w/ camera) in her room lost. it has not been in use for about 2 months...

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My ipod touch 6th generation won't turn on

Hello, My iPod touch 6th generation won't turn on. It's not damaged or anything. I held the power button and the home button at the same time and it...

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Ipod shuffle 1st gen

Hello, My iPod isn't giving out any sound what should I do? Configuration: iPhone / Chrome 49.0.2623.91

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Ipod nano turned black won't go on again

Hello, Was playing music with my iPod Nano I got for Christmas and all of a sudden it went dead, I had just fully charged it. I've tried pressing...

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Apple-ipad-mini spacebar not.working

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Ipod cannot play music

Hello, pls help my ipod dont play music. when i click the play button nothing happen Configuration: Windows 7 / Mozilla 11.0

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Ipod touch wont connect says usb not recognised ?

Hello, ipod touch wont connect, it says usb not recognised

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I need my old music... ipod touch cycles on & off

Hello, I have a gen 2 ipod touch that has my entire music library from over 5 years ago. The device when plugged into my mac boots up (apple logo sh...

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My ipod 5 is dead and won't charge

My ipod touch 5 gen ran out of battery a few weeks ago and now it won't charge. I've tried holding the home and top buttons for 10-15 seconds. Ive usi...

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Ipod won't turn on

My ipod 6 wouldn't turn on. But we plugged into the computer and it had an image of a cable under an itunes symbol. What does this mean?

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Hello i cant turn my 6th generation on:(

Hello, My ipod 6th gen was also working fine this morning it turned off by itself and minutes later it wouldn't turn on and its practically new ...

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Ipad mini


How do I clean my iPad mini of cache and old files that's taking up my memory

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How to put songs in ipod without itune?

My iPod needs an iTune to laod music so how can I put songs without using iTune software?

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Ipod touch won't charge

Hello, Happy New Year to all of you! Have a great year! I have a problem with my Ipod touch (5th Generation). My Ipod won't charge, I have tried to...

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White screen of death - suggestions do not work :-(

Hello to all! I've tried to restart the ipod Touch by holding down the home/power on-off/volume up keys and still I get the white screen. I'm sure...

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Ipod not detected on pc with no itunes

Hello, I plug my iPod touch in at work to charge and I accidentally didn't eject it right away like you are suppose to if you just want to charge. N...

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Ipod 6th gen won't turn on


Hello, So my iPod 6 was working fine this morning and then I just tried to use it and it wouldn't turn even though I tried to press ever button. ...

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I pod touch fifth jenneration

I dropped my I pod touch in the sink and it got wet and then I let It dry and it still turned on but the sound was not working so then I left it alon...

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My ipod 7 will not turn on at all!!!!

Hello, My IPOD 7 will NOt turn on, at ALL!! I don't know what happened, either. It was on, and I was playing a game on it, I turned off the game, ...

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Unable to run updates

Dear all, I am using an old iPad, that is iPad 1 and when i bought it, someone else configured it for me using his own Apple ID. Now that I have gott...

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My computer won't recognize my ipod

Hello, I read through all the questions and answers, I've done it all! Rebooted my ipod, switched cables, reinstalled the latest version of ITUNES... ...

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Transferring photos to pdf

Hello, How do the photos tranfer into pdf on the pc Configuration: iPhone / Chrome 43.0.2357.93

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