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I can't download

I use iPad 4th generation,I am trying to download convert photos to cartoon but I can't.its saying safari cannot download this file why is it please?

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Connecting ipod to laptop = usb device not recognized

Hello, My sister brought over her ipod touch because she forgot her password and wanted me to restore it for her. When I plug the ipod into my lapt...

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How do you control the keyboard on mini ipad

Hello, How do you control the keyboard on mini ipad Configuration: Windows 7 / Internet Explorer 9.0

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My ipod touch wont charge or turn on


Hello, i was playing a game on my ipod touch I left it on so I could go to the toilet when I came back it had switched off and wouldnt turn on or ch...

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Ipod got stuck


Hello, my ipod got stuck... what to do now??? when i connected it with the computer it got stuck... now its not working.... what should i do now??...

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My ipod won't charge

Hello, My Ipod is messing up lately it won't charge to anything, and when It turns on and I plug it into something It doesn't charge and I got it ...

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Software to boost battery

Hello, After holding d middle and the centre key suggested by a member of this site to a drained ipod battery, my ipod touch still didn't turn on...

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Ipod 4th generation wont turn on

Hello, My ipod 4th generation wont turn on. Ive pressed home button and top button for 30 seconds. THAT DIDNT WORK!!!!!!! Then I held them until my ...

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How to download songs to your ipod without itunes


Hello, how do u download songs to your iPod without iTunes. Configuration: / Chrome 23.0.1271.94

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My ipod is not holding battery

Hello, My ipod nano can not play 5 songs with out charging Heeeeeeeeeeelllllllllppppppppp

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My ipod won't turn on, it's fully charged and i don't know what to do


Hello, Well, I was in my Wednesday night children's service and my Ipod(camera 32GB) looks like an Iphone because it has a very thick case. I go...

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Ipod 4g not turning on?

Hello, I need help. My mom recently gave me an iPod. But it appears to be broken. She said if I can fix it. I can have it. Help me please? - The iPod...

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My ipod wont sync my apps


Hello,i restored my itouch and for some reason its wont sync my applications I dont if its the software or not. whats wrong with it? should I go to th...

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Only show the apple icon and none of your solutions will work

Hello, i got this ipod from a friend. i dont know which one it is, but on the back it has 8gb. i think that maybe the model. anyways i have read a...

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xpcman won't work on my ipad


Hello, I can't seem to get to work on my iPad It will not load the game, I can open up the advertisement but can not play the game. Can you...

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How can use ipad phone call

Hello, Please answer me Configuration: iPad / Safari 5.1

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How does quick books work for non profit organization

Hello, Just want to know how quick books work and its benefits. Configuration: iPad / Mozilla Indeterminable

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Zohaib R

My ipod (5th gen) won't turn on!!!


Hi everyone, When I charge my ipod, it doesn't charge. What it does is, it only shows a black screen with the apple logo, then turns off in a matte...

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Ipod touch synced on itunes

Hello, my ipod touch needs to be synced on do I do it? Configuration: Windows 8 / Internet Explorer 10.0

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Using skype through ipod

Hello I would like to know if I can use skype through ipod?

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Any solution to transfer dvd video to ipad?

Hi, I have a lot of DVD discs and I want to transfer some of them to my ipad for watching. Is there any solution. I always hear other people talk abo...

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How do i download skype on my ipad

Hello, I want to download free Skype on my iPad but safari does not support the download Thanks Configuration: iPad / Safari 6.0

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What to do when ipod nano wont turn on?

Hello, Ive had my ipod nano for a while now and ive never had any problems with it. But i went away for a few weeks and didnt use it and now that ...

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Got ipod touch for christmas and its a 8gb

Hello, I was just emailing my sister and suddendly my ipod touch screen turns black with a apple on it then it turns all kinds of colors and I dont k...

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Downloading via memory usb to ipad

Hello, how do i download from USB to ipad3 Configuration: iPad / Safari 5.1

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Ipod lost app store

Hello, i have the really old ipod touch and app store has gone off it and i have no apps, help please??? Configuration: Windows 7 / Chrome 23...

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Ipod nano 2nd generation not working

Hi, My sister has a ipod touch 2nd generation and it trying to get more songs via itunes but when we plug her ipod into anything like a charger or a ...

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Ipod touch won't turn on..

Hello, Hi,,My Ipod Touch will not turn at all,,I have spoken to a tech from Apple telling me what to do,,but still nothing,,I have held the menu and...

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My ipod wont turn on


I havent used my ipod in a long time and when I try and turn it on now it does nothing and I left plugged into the computer over night thinking it wou...

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Problems with ipod nano 4th gen

Hello Friends, I've two iPod Nano 4th gen (8GB). I'm facing a severe problem with both of them. For both iPods, I tried to do this method Simultaneo...

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Ghale kapil

Ipod not detected


Hi, Seems that my computer is not detecting my Ipod. I already setup the driver and everything but seems that it is not recognizing the Devi...

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My ipod wont turn on


Hello, i have a ipod classic 80gb 6th gen and just randomly one day i try to take it off hold and the screen wont turn on. it turns on when i charge ...

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My ipod touch wont turn on


Hello, my ipod touch want come on, anymore. it will not even come up on the plug screen any longer,,any ideas please help I need to fix it for my...

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Ipod wont turn and home button wont work

Hello, i have an 4th generation ipod touch 32gb and yesterday i was using my ipod and my home button stopped working i looked up on youtube and i saw ...

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I dropped my ipod also

Hello, I dropped my ipod and the front cover came off. Nothing got disconnected. After I put the covers back on, it stopped working. I plugged ...

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Ipod touch completely dead and wont turn on

I have an Ipod touch third generation. It completely died today so I hooked it up to my docking station. The battery showed up with a lightning bolt u...

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Ipod lost all it's music

Hello, Help my iPod lost all it's music web I Reyes to loads them onto my laptop! I'm so sad!!! Please help me Configuration: iPhone / Safar...

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Jean-François Pillou  

Cracked useless ipod nano

Hello, my name is kelly. one day i was in safeway when i dropped my ipod nano now it has this crack on the side and it will not work. yes i can charge...

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Ipod nano 5th generation will not turn on!!!!

hi, i've had this problem before, and i held down the menu and center button together for about 10 seconds and it worked like magic! now it did it aga...

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Ipod touch problem

my ipod touch is all white (screen) can you please give me advice please.

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Put music onto my ipod

Hello, Hi. I want to put music on to my computer to pass on to my ipod but i have 2 problems all the songs i put on dissapear on my files i checked...

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Urgent ipod help!!!

Hello, My ipod got stolen off the bus the other day and we have managed to track it down. The police have recovered it but basically I need to prove...

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When your ipod turns white.

Hi well um I was on the internet on my ipod and I turned it sideways then it froze for like a minute then the whole screen turned completely white. I ...

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Ipod problem

Hello, my ipod nano 4g has the white screen and when i reset it it just beebs twice and goes back to the white screen. plz i nede help Configur...

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Find a usb charger for ipad

Hello, I try to find a USB that also can charger my iPad and use as a storage device on amazon,but it's difficult to find it.Some products online ...

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Ipod to pc driver!

Hello, could u help me. every time i attached the ipod to da computer it says(one of the USB devices attached to this cuputer has malfunctioned,and wi...

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Ipod not syncing

Hello, we sync 2 ipods in the same computer, with the regular ipod I am getting mesage The ipod "sally" cannot be synced. An unknown error ocurred ...

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My ipod nano wont turn on

Hello, my name is rowena and for some reason my ipod nano 5th generation(the one with the camera and mic on the back) wont trun on this have happened ...

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Ipod in recovery mode....?

Hello, im fixing a ipod for a friend and i am stumped, the ipod is stuck in recovery mode (not DFU mode) and windows and itunes cant recognise it wh...

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My cracked up ipod

Poeple, people my Ipod is acting up. "My Computer" AND Itunes wont even pick it up but yet the thing is charging... -_- can some one PLEASE tell me ho...

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