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  • Is AppValley App Safe ? Solved/Closed

    Hello, I want to know if the configuration profile downloaded from AppValley VIP website is safe for my iPhone. I want to download apps from this apps...

    jailbreakmodo | Latest reply: ReplyIfItHelped!! Aug 2, 2020
    3 replies
  • Forgot Phone Lock Code Solved/Closed

    My phone I forgot input phone luck code fly-ying f333 TV

    Hussaini8484 | Latest reply: David Webb Jul 29, 2020
    1 reply
  • Deezer on iPhone Solved/Closed

    From where can I download deezer++ on my iPhone. What is the procedure to install it?

    LillieBates | Latest reply: HelpiOS Jul 28, 2020
    3 replies
  • i have the same problem did u ever fix it ? Closed

    Hello, Hi !! i now have the same problem and i used to have the same phone the iphone seven plus and now i have the 11 but my snapchat still does ...

    laynie_456 | Latest reply: David Webb Jul 20, 2020
    1 reply
  • where is the spotlight search icon Closed

    my settings icon disappeared on my iphone 8

    5162865032 | Latest reply: David Webb May 19, 2020
    1 reply
  • Raise to listen Closed

    Raise to listen is enabled but when I put the phone to my ear it don’t work and I tried to restart the phone and it didn’t work

    Dj | Latest reply: David Webb May 11, 2020
    1 reply
  • Challenges on yahoo account Solved/Closed

    Hello, I forgot my password and phone number can u pls help me recover it pls

    Fadeyi | Latest reply: David Webb May 6, 2020
    4 replies
  • How to download ringtones for iphone? Solved/Closed

    Hello, The default iphone ringtone made me boring. I want to download new ringtones for my iphone. Can you help me

    mp3tomato | Latest reply: aakash11 Apr 17, 2020
    4 replies
  • Mon iphone est bloqué sur le logo et sur l'écran de restauration Closed

    Bonjour a tous, j'espece que vous allez bien. Mon probléme: mon iPhone 7 ne veut plus s'allumer, lorsque je clique sur le bouton marche/arret, l...

    Ol-olivia-ia | Latest reply: HelpiOS Apr 4, 2020
    1 reply
  • Iphone password Closed

    Hello, lock password forget

    pankaj | Latest reply: HelpiOS Mar 8, 2020
    2 replies
  • I already have an iPhone with Spectrum Mobile Closed

    I have an iPhone with Spetrum Mobile. I activated it and got a SIM card in the mail. I recently bought a new iPhone Verizon and tried activating it wi...

    geminiguy90028 | Latest reply: kharlox Mar 6, 2020
    1 reply
  • Changing chinese apps into english Solved/Closed

    Hello, I bought iphone 4s in Beijing china, the language has been set into english but apps are still in chinese, how can I change from chinese?...

    khaled2020 | Latest reply: Mbutsy141 Mar 1, 2020
    6 replies
  • Jackpot Party for iPhone Solved/Closed

    I recently upgraded my iPhone from a 7 to an Xs. In doing so, I lost all my points. I have my player ID. Is there a way to get my points back? Lynd...

    Lyndrop | Latest reply: David Webb Feb 26, 2020
    5 replies
  • Password Disable Solved/Closed

    iPhone. 5s

    Shivanks | Latest reply: David Webb Feb 9, 2020
    1 reply
  • need help forgot password and i have a new number Solved/Closed

    My email has been hacked and i can't access my account. the two factor option is my old phone number and i can't access the security questions. what c...

    samanthajomo... | Latest reply: David Webb Jan 20, 2020
    1 reply
  • can i use sim card with trackphone 5s Closed

    can I use T-Mobile sim on trackphone

    dean | Latest reply: David Webb Jan 6, 2020
    1 reply
  • I phone x clone pic network prblm Closed

    Network problm

    Jatinrangpariya | Latest reply: David Webb Dec 23, 2019
    1 reply
  • iPhone stuck on loading screen Closed

    My iPhone stuck on the loading screen and I have tried to hard reset the iPhone but failed. I do not want to lose data, so I do not use iTunes to rest...

    Judy_7919 | Latest reply: David Webb Dec 4, 2019
    1 reply
  • Apple iphone7 Solved/Closed

    We have fiber optic internet and wireless connection to my iphone 7 .When I first turn my phone on, it always says not connected. I usually have to sh...

    Worf11 | Latest reply: Worf11 Nov 26, 2019
    2 replies
  • yahoo account key Closed

    hello dear yahoo programmers i sincerly here giving my opinion and which is all abount yahoo account key well my account dearly locked i lost my pho...

    bluneubz | Latest reply: Facebookidiots Nov 15, 2019
    2 replies
  • Delete Junk mail Closed

    How can I delete mails in Junk or Bin box in gmail. I have a iPhone SE. After I installed latest iOS version, I cannot see ‘delete all’ anymore in eit...

    Sarrah_49 | Latest reply: HelpiOS Oct 28, 2019
    3 replies
  • I accidentally deleted the "messages" icon Solved

    Hello, I accidentally deleted the "messages" app on my iPhone 4, can anyone help me to recover it? thank you very much!!!! Configuration: Win...

    chisco_07 | Latest reply: Tinkerbell4700 Oct 23, 2019
    17 replies
  • Iphone Xr Closed

    Hello, de ce nu merge cartela sim pe acest dispozitiv, spune ca e incompatibil

    Gabriel | Latest reply: HelpiOS Oct 11, 2019
    1 reply
  • Spicez101 unlocvcod Closed

    Hello, Spice z101unloc code

    Anil | Latest reply: Anil Oct 6, 2019
    1 reply
  • Why don’t I get notifications when I get a missed call on iPhone? Closed

    Hello, Whenever someone calls me or facetimes me and I don’t see it so it goes to missed call. But I’ll go on my phone then and I won’t get any noti...

    Ellahamilton | Latest reply: HelpiOS Sep 25, 2019
    1 reply
  • Having babies on Sims 3 Closed

    Hello, Can we have baby’s on sims 3 on iPhones because I want a final answer cause some is saying yes and some is saying no, I’m talking about...

    Jerriana | Latest reply: Jerriana Sep 23, 2019
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  • How To Call UK on the US phone number Closed

    What would I dial if I am in the U.S. calling from my iphone to another iphone in the UK? Number I am calling from:( 314)369-9618 to (314)749-4708. ...

    Trishapfitzi... | Latest reply: HelpiOS Sep 11, 2019
    1 reply
  • My phone keeps freezing Closed

    iPhone XR here. Phone freezes launching apps, randomly, twice or three times a day. I’ve made two factory resets, and a hard reset on DFU mode, no suc...

    alexpose123 | Latest reply: alexpose123 Sep 10, 2019
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  • Sim Closed

    Ok so I have a iPhone 7s From T-Mobile and I’m trying to put an already activated chip from the same carrier in said iPhone.! It’s sayin no service an...

    iPhone7s | Latest reply: HelpiOS Sep 9, 2019
    1 reply
  • Change my phone number verification Closed

    Hello, I for get my email other for recover the verification cord and my both mobile no is also change I want to change my mobile no

    Dimple | Latest reply: Dimple Sep 6, 2019
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  • Down loading adobe flash player to iPhone 7plus Closed

    I am having trouble downloading Adobe Flash player version 10.3.183 or newer to my iPhone 7plus or my iPad 5th generation. Is there any one who can he...

    Becky | Latest reply: HelpiOS Aug 21, 2019
    1 reply
  • attachment tab Closed

    Hello, I cant view my attachment tab using email (gmail acct) on iPhone 7

    mt | Latest reply: mt Aug 7, 2019
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  • Movie App For iPhone Solved/Closed

    Hey, is there any free app to watch latest movies on iPhone. I'm using iPhone 6s app and need a free app as I don't have money for Netflix.

    mormak | Latest reply: Ambucias Jul 17, 2019
    1 reply
  • App Store missing Closed

    Tried everything possible suggested from the internet. Still no results. App Store still missing. Need help. iPhone 6s.

    Mrolle | Latest reply: HelpiOS Jul 3, 2019
    1 reply
  • Play store Closed

    How to find my apps & games

    GDUBAY | Latest reply: HelpiOS Jun 13, 2019
    1 reply
  • Download TubeMate on iPhone Solved/Closed

    How to download tubemate in IOS ??

    atifriad | Latest reply: HelpiOS Jun 12, 2019
    1 reply
  • Offline mode Closed

    I can't see the advance tab in the setting after tapping on privacy.we treid all possible ways. please help us out.

    abdulrazakarin | Latest reply: HelpiOS Jun 11, 2019
    1 reply
  • Copy failed Closed

    Hello, I’m trying to transfer files from my iPhone to my computer and in the middle this transfer shows me an error ״the requested resource is ...

    Davidi006 | Latest reply: Dayshunds14 May 11, 2019
    2 replies
  • change number new mobile phone Closed

    i have a new phone and a new number how can i change my new number to my new phone

    anthonyaggugelo | Latest reply: ac3mark Apr 6, 2019
    1 reply
  • Undoing an Accidentally erased a long draft text message Closed

    I was almost at the end of composing a long and important text message when it suddenly disappeared. I have no idea why but more importantly, no idea...

    Cherie3220 | Latest reply: blammo Apr 4, 2019
    3 replies
  • Memory 256gb not working Closed

    Hello, I bought a iphone x clone, and it indicate 256 gb interna card, but when i installed 3 apps ( like facebook, messenger and youtube ) it says...

    MarvieGg | Latest reply: ac3mark Feb 25, 2019
    1 reply
  • Download WhatsApp for iPhone Solved/Closed

    Hello, Where can I download WhatsApp for iPhone?

    deruly | Latest reply: skylerbartel Feb 20, 2019
    3 replies
  • iPhone clone how to repair Closed

    Hello, iPhone clone how to repair

    Since | Latest reply: 1aman1diot Jan 30, 2019
    3 replies
  • Deleted the Messages app on my iPhone Solved/Closed

    Hi, My name is Sherry and I accidentally deleted my messaging app icon on my iphone 8plus. Does anyone know where I can find to restore it? Than...

    Skincaid | Latest reply: Skincaid Jan 29, 2019
    2 replies
  • How to factory reset iPhone 8 Plus? Solved/Closed

    Hello, I have a second hand iPhone 8 Plus. How can I factory restore my phone?

    Mdishu | Latest reply: Daniel Telele Jan 26, 2019
    1 reply
  • Fix Android 7.0 download manager is slow Closed

    Hi, My phone has great reception but downloading one game takes over an hour. I have 5 bars but network unavailable comes up. Then, it starts down...

    Lonnie | Latest reply: Daniel Telele Jan 15, 2019
    1 reply
  • iPhone ringtones from Audioshare? Closed

    Hello, I made and edited a bunch of ringtones in Audioshare. I can't seem to find a way to make them show up on my iPhone as ringtones. I tried go...

    KeThomas91 | Latest reply: Jude_ Jan 10, 2019
    2 replies
  • Gmail password invalid Solved/Closed

    Hi, I am using my phone to get access to one of my Gmail accounts. I know I am using the correct password, but it is saying it is not valid. Not s...

    Pbrense | Latest reply: Daniel Telele Jan 10, 2019
    1 reply
  • Where can I download WhatsApp for iPhone? Solved/Closed

    Hello, Where can I find WhatsApp for iPhone?

    deruly | Latest reply: Daniel Telele Jan 10, 2019
    1 reply
  • My phone is not working Closed

    Hello, My phone is not working. I have filed a claim via fax, but I have not heard back. What should I do?

    AlanKShea | Latest reply: AlanKShea Jan 7, 2019
    2 replies