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Lost documents,pictures and music files

Please help...i did a system restore /pc restore don't know which one...i had problems with windows vista.So i F8 and reloaded windows vista....i then...

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Ibm rescue and recovery software


Is it possible that IBM rescue & Recovery software can be installed on other computer brand or not? example, install to HP, DELL, Fujitsut (pc or lapt...

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File recovery

Is it possible to recover files once it had been deleted before 7 months and the pc is formated 5 tlmes? Configuration: Windows XP / Internet Explo...

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After system recovery.. can i get files back?

Unfortunately, I am pretty sure I know the answer to this question but here it goes.. Yesterday I was trying to delete a few things on my computer bu...

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System recovery

Hi, Can someone please help. I have checked through this forum and have seen the same problem appear but on different computer softwares so don't kn...

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Recovery disc

Is it possible to create a recovery disc for a Toshiba Equium A200-1VO.

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Recovery of mails and chat

Hello, i deleted my important mails and chat from trash .pls help me to recover it

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Recovery problem 4 toshiba sa. s215-s7416

Hello, Well I'm writing because I have a worm virus on my laptop and no recovery disc came with it. I'm trying to find help online because I just chu...

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Pls help, i lost all my imporant files

Hello, im mae. just today while working on my laptop(windows xp) there were boxes that was popping up randomly once in a while(msg was"the system file...

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6233 sent del. item recovery

Hello, i have 6233 nokia phone... i want my sent delete item messege recovery plz do needfull

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I have lost my recovery dis

Hello, i have semmed to have lost my recovery discs. which as you can imagine is a huge pain. i want to sent my packard bell back to its factory sett...

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I need a recovery software

Hello, Hello sir, I have losts my valuable pics, i want to recover that is there any softwares. pls give me a deep reeply. Regards Asif.

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Software recovery to preload

Hello, I bought an Acer Aspire one Netbook (No DVD/CD drive), it is only 2 months old but the unit is bso (whatever that means) with a registery erro...

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Lost all files, folders and photo in mp3

Hello, By mistake I press the formate button on my philips Go-Gear MP3 an lost all files, folders and photos. Is there any way to retreive my data ...

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Scrached recovery disk

Hello, pls, i cannot load my recovery disk because it is scrached. Not all the sony software are loaded on my laptop when i did formatting on my sony...

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Toshiba recovery file missing

Hello, now i am using toshiba laptop with vista,, i wont to format my laptop, but if i try for that that time one msg coming, "one recovery file miss...

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Recovery disk

Hello, How can I receive toshiba L40 recovery disk thanks

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Pc died during full recovery after 1st disc

Hello, here's the story so far! For reasons i wont go into i was running a full recovery with home made recovery disks on pc running (XP me) somethi...

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Phto recovery

Hello, i just upload photos in friendster, but after that even my older pics on that album r not showing if they get deleted than how can i recov...

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Recover recovery patition from recovery disc

Hello, I have hp pavilion dv9000 laptop with windows vista.Due to virus my recovery partition is corrupted.I have recovery disc. I want to format ...

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Hp pavilion s3400f recovery disk

Hello, I desperately need a copy of the original RECOVER DISK for my HP PAVILION S3400F. I've searched all over the Internet and haven't been able to...

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Data recovery

Hello, sir accidently i lost my SMS from inbox how can i recover it model number Karbonn k661 . pls give me an advice

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Reinstalling recovery s/w on acer aspireone..

Hello, my Erecovery program/software is dead due to virus its not working on the screen nor from boot alt+f10. i have downloaded recovery program fro...

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Acer 4720 z recovery

Hello, i am very pleased to ask u that i have acer 4720 z i want to install vista again in my acer,,i have uninstalled before BUT now my recovery DV...

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What is the best recovery tool


Hello, what is the best recovery tools used in installable form in CD/DVD media please I have to submiite my course work early and I didn't find any...

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Recovery disc

Hello, pls i mistakely lost my recovery disc for acer aspire one D250.pls for God's sake can i give it from anybody who has it?thanks

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Hello, 3110c nokia mobile contacts how to recovery

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Toshiba l10-200 recovery disc

Hello, I lost my recovery discs for my Toshiba Equium L10-200. Any idea where I can download one? Any help would be great!

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Computer not reinstalling after recovery

Hello, I bought a new computer after thanksgiving, to find out the harddrive was bad, so HP sent me a new HD and recovery discs. Long story short, ...

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Hello, i need information about recovery in compaq laptop . before the format i have used windows vista because of desktop virus i have formatted s...

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System problem no cd recovery back up

Hello, please help me, can i download a cd recovery system online for my acer aspire 2920? my laptop hang then i unplug the AC then when i turn in on...

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Hello, i want recover my rediffmail sent items last three months help me

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Rescue and recovery

Hello, I have a ibm t42 and want to install rescue and recovery 3.0 but cannot find it on the web......could you please direct me as to where I can g...

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Damage product recovery cd

Hello, My Tosiba(L200) Product Recovery Cd is damaged, please how can I get a new one? Thanks.

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Need system recovery discs for dell laptop

Hello, Anyone knows where can I buy the system recovery CD ir DVD for a Dell laptop computers (latitude and dimension)? thanks thg

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Recovery cd for hp

Hello, well my recovery CD lost and my system crashed , i was looking all over the net for it but i cant find it well my is HP pavilion DV6700 ...

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Hello, unfortunately my recovery software get deleted.. is there any way to recover it.. or is there any alternastive way to get recovery software.....

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Get os from a recovery cd to a differnt pc

Hello, is there any way to get windows xp os files off my emachine recovery cd so I can put them on another machine that has no os

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Creating recovery discs

Hello, i have recently purchased a sony vaio laptop. I started using the computer without creating a recovery disc so far for a month. Now i have 30G...

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Lost recovery discs

Hello,i lost my recovery discs now my Hp compaq 6720s laptop was attacked by a virus so i had to format but i don't have the drivers and all the opera...

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Hello, sir my recovery has been deleted. then whai doing i am

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Need recovery disk for hp presario c500

Hello, After virus attck , my computer didn't start, it tries to start it power's up and when get s to windows start it turns to black and start beeb...

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Hard disk format how to recovery

Hello, I am nandhakumar hardwear eng,. i am format my hard disk how to recovery my data

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Had to do system recovery

Hello, i need help had to do system recovery lost all phots can some one help me get them back thanks mags

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Software recovery from a crash

Hello, I'm trying to figure out how to recover a music program from my crashed computer. I took it to best buy to see if they could help. After a 10...

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Data recovery

Dear sir, In my mobile I taken lot of photos, all that store'd in memory card chip. The same memory chard chip I put to compute, immidiatly got sruc...

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How can i recovery my formating file

Hello' when i formate my compuiter i formate all of my drive . How can i recovery my formating file pliz give me some sugestion ....... ...

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Need a recovery disc for hp pavilion desktop

Hello, I attempted to run recovery disc on desktop as everything was running real slow, not loading & many many error messages. When i try to use dis...

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Recovery problems

I downloaded and installed a newer version of vista on my laptop but its all gone horribly wrong and now my system recovery wont work. I have heard yo...

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Missing my recovery cd so no sound

Hello, i reinstalled windows but i am missing Product recovery CD-ROM ( vol.2) (vol.3) now i can live without vol 2...but i need vol 3 because it hol...

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