Use your phone like a pro: tips and tricks

Use your phone like a pro: tips and tricks

Quickly return to the top of the page, save an image, change music track, easily delete multiple messages, erase your browsing history... whatever you are looking for, Apple offers users several functions to save time and simplify the use of the iPhone. This article will show you how to get the most out of your iPhone.

How to create application folders?

iOS allows you to create application folders to organize the large number of apps you may have installed on your phone. Touch an application until it starts to shake. You can then either delete or move the app, or create a folder dragging it to another application.

From there you simply have to choose the folder name.

How to get back to top of the web page?

Instead of scrolling through the content of a web page to return to the top, just touch the top bar of the browser, next to the clock.

How to save an image from a webpage or email?

Hold down your finger on the image until iOS prompts you to save it. Once the action has been performed, the image is available in the Photos application.

How to delete multiple emails?

In Mail , select the email you want to delete and then drag your finger left or right to display the Delete button. If you want to remove several messages at once, press the Edit button at the top right of your inbox, then check all the emails you want to delete.

How to create a new photo album?

  • It is not possible to create new photo albums directly from your iPhone, but it can be done via iTunes.
  • First synchronize your iPhone with your computer via iTunes.
  • Once the photos uploaded to your computer, organize them in folders, relaunch iTunes and perform synchronization again.

How to easily navigate your music?

If you are driving, jogging or on public transport, the CarTunes app allows you to navigate rapidly through your music tracks by swiping your finger over the screen of your device.

How to lock the screen orientation?

To prevent your iPhone from changing the screen orientation: Double tap on the Home button. A shortcut bar opens. Slide your finger from left to right .

  • The following menu will be visible. Click the arrow-shaped to lock the screen orientation .
  • Open the Control Center an on the button with padlock surrounded by an arrow.

How to use the iPhone as a GPS?

Several mapping apps are available for iOS. If you want to go to a particular location, type the address in the search engine of the app or tap on a particular location on the map to get directions.

How to force quit an unresponsive app?

If you are unable to quit an app, you don't necessarily need to turn off your phone.

  • Double-click the Home button.
  • Swipe to the app you wish to close.
  • Swipe the app's preview to the top.

How to add websites to the homescreen?

iOS allows you to create shortcuts to your favourite websites:

  • Open the website of your choice.
  • Click on the Share button > Add to Home Screen.

How to clear the browser history?

To clear all traces of your browsing activities on your iPhone:

Go to Settings > Safari > General Settings > Clear History.

How to copy and paste text?

  • You can copy text from an email, webpage, a note or any other application. You must first select the beginning of the text by pressing your finger on the first word. Release your finger and choose Select.
  • Select the text by swiping your finger > Copy.

How to set a password to unlock the iPhone?

  • Go to Settings > General > Passcode Lock.
  • Enter a Passcode and validate.

How to get an audio notification for your new messages?

  • Go to Settings > Sound.
  • From there you can manage the different notifications: new email, new SMS, calendar event, voice message.
  • You can also manage audio notifications from third-party applications (Facebook, Twitter, for example ...).

How to take a screenshot?

  • Simultaneously press the Home and Standby button.
  • This screen will flash and the you will hear a camera shutter sound, which simply means that the screenshot has been taken.

How to close apps?

Double tap on the Home button to get a preview of all open apps.

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