What is YouTube Movies and Shows?

What is YouTube Movies and Shows?

YouTube's Movies platform allows you to browse and stream a huge collection of films.

How does the platform work?

YouTube Movies & Shows is a special section on the YouTube platform dedicated to streaming full-length movies and tv shows. Users are free to buy or rent films and tv shows much like other streaming platforms such as iTunes or Google Play.

How to watch movies on YouTube?

  • Open YouTube and go to the Movies & Shows section.
  • You can search for new releases, different movie genres of browse the list of free movies. 
  • After finding your chosen movie, a trailer will begin player. 
  • From here you can chose to buy or rent the movie, or TV show. You will need to log in to your YouTube or Google account.
  • You can choose the video quality, from HD, SD to 4K. 
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