Top apps for students: productivity, time management

Top apps for students: productivity, time management

Sometimes, studying is hard and requires a lot of focus and effort. That's why we compiled a list of the best apps to help you with time management, inspiration, and productivity. Read on and enjoy learning!


Pomodoro timer

'Forest' is one of the top Pomodoro timers. It grows trees while you are concentrating and working. You can grow the whole forest after doing a good part of your work. The app also provides analytics so you can see at what time of the day you are more focused. You can download Forest for iOSAndroid, and as a Chrome extension, where you can even add distracting websites to the block list. 


To organize your thoughts and ideas

Sometimes you just need a blank piece of paper to capture your thoughts and visualize your ideas. This is what Mindomo is made for. Create your mindmap on the go, synchronize your laptop and cell phone, and share your presentations with other students or teachers to know their opinion. You can download Mindomo for iOS and Android


To build habits and stick to them

Habitica suggests you 'gamify your life' via in-game rewards and punishments. Set the goal and complete tasks to achieve it. The app may help build new habits or complete a tedious study task. You can download Habitica for iOS or Android.


Adobe Scan

To quickly scan any text

Point the camera at any text, and the app will recognize it and turn it into a PDF file. You can then save your notes or print the text you just scanned. This tool might come in handy if you need to memorize the information from the blackboard or print it. 


Learn via flashcards and quizzes

This app lets users create flashcard sets and use what is already made by others. Flip the card and answer the questions. If you give a wrong answer, use the card again until you memorize it. Download the app for iOS and Android


For visual memorization and understanding

GoConqr is the perfect app for visual learners. You can insert the information, and the app will help you to visualize it using flashcards, quizzes, flowcharts, a collaboration tool, a note-taking feature, and more. You can use it online


Create your own study tools

Create flashcards from the information you need to learn, even on the go. Use Learn & Test feature to prepare for the exams. The program is helpful for school and high school students, as well as for teachers and professors. You can download the app for iOS and Android devices. 

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