Top digital gifts for holidays: for friends, clients

Top digital gifts for holidays: for friends, clients

In this article, you will find out which digital and remote gifts you can offer your friends, relatives, and colleagues for holidays. All of these ideas are contact-free and eco-friendly!

What online gift cards and vouchers are there?

Gift cards or gift vouchers are an optimal solution to avoid making mistakes and giving appreciated gifts without taking risks. Most online sales sites offer this service. But several specialized sites offer vouchers and prepared gift cards that can be spent in various establishments and online stores. The process of getting these prepaid cards ready for purchase is simple.

Go online into the store or online shopping platform on which you want to buy something you think you will like, a specific brand name, a big chain, like Amazon or Walmart, or your friend’s favorite department store’s card. Find the Gift Card or Gift Certificate session on the site, then choose the amount of money to be credited.

After paying with your credit card, you will receive an email with the details of your purchase and the gift voucher. Alternatively, you can forward the gift card to the person or have the website send it directly. Some online stores, such as Amazon also allow you to send a physical card in the mail (but this takes several days). Whether you send a virtual postcard or a paper postcard, you can include a personal message with the voucher.

What are some magazine and newspaper subscription ideas?

Another possible option is a subscription to a magazine or a periodical. The most famous names in the press currently offer the possibility of subscriptions either virtual - so you can receive the various contents by email or in a classic way – by receiving hard copies to your home. If you are interested in current affairs, you can buy a subscription to political periodicals, or if you like other topics, such as travel, history, science, or food, specialized magazines on these subjects.

What streaming subscriptions can you offer?

Enthusiasts know that a hobby can be expensive. Fortunately, there are several services on the internet, so you can subscribe monthly or annually and have unlimited access to this type of content. Have you ever considered giving a Spotify gift subscription so that music lovers can have unlimited access? Or giving away a Netflix or Disney+ subscription or other audiovisual content platforms? If someone is a video game lover, a pastime like XBox's Game Pass Ultimate to access new games will undoubtedly be welcome.

© Spotify gift card

Where to buy ebooks?

  • Ebooks

If the recipient loves to read, you may consider giving a book as a gift. Previously, the obvious option would be to buy it online and receive a hard copy, but now you can also send a virtual book, an ebook. Ideal for those who already own an ebook reader, you would actually need to know the appropriate format (usually .mobi or .epub) and send it to the desired person. You can also send it via the Kindle app. But if the person to whom you want to make a gift does not have an ebook, you can also send the virtual book in a format compatible with smartphones or computers.

  • Virtual Libraries

If you want to offer more than one book, you can submit an entire virtual library. All you have to do is subscribe monthly or yearly to an online reading platform, such as Amazon Prime Reading, Readly, or 24Symbols. Purchasing one of these subscriptions would allow you to access the entire virtual library from your PC, ebook, or mobile device. The number of books available depends on the service you register for.

  • Audiobooks

Not only ebooks but also audiobooks can be a solution. Many people prefer to listen to a fiction story or a podcast while busy doing other activities, such as sports, cooking, or just relaxing. One platform dedicated to audiobooks is Audible, on which you can offer individual audiobooks or an unlimited subscription.

For gamers

And if your friends like video games, you can purchase games or a subscription to one of these online game stores. You could also offer an Xbox Game Pass, which gives users access to hundreds of games!

How about educational courses?

Maybe your friend always dreamt about learning a new language, starting coding, or digging into art history. You might consider offering him a Coursera or Masterclass gift subscription. Check out this article with interesting sustainable gift ideas, including skill development subscriptions.

What are some handmade digital gifts?

Homemade gifts are some of the most valued gifts because of the personal touch that they require. While it may be difficult to physically make something creative for someone with limited access to art supplies, you can produce something 'handmade' online. Here are a few ideas:

  • A carefully curated Spotify or YouTube playlist.
  • A video compilation with a selection of shared images and memories.
  • Compose your own music using an app like FL Studio.

If you’d like to create something by hand instead of buying, and sending it to your friends, check out this article with cool DIY gift ideas.

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