How to stream live videos on TikTok?

How to stream live videos on TikTok?

Apart from creating videos, TikTok also allows you to stream live video, like on Instagram or Facebook. If you want to learn how to do live video streaming on TikTok, continue reading.

How to use TikTok live video streaming?

After launching the TikTok app, visit the home of your TikTok account. Then, tap the + located at bottom of the screen:

The camera screen will open, and you will also see the VIDEO and LIVE options on the screen. Click LIVE to start streaming:

tiktok live video streaming
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Like on Instagram or Facebook, you have to create a good caption or headline for your live streaming session. After choosing an attractive title, click GO LIVE.

Please make sure that you are not using any prohibited words, like duet, fan, follow, donation, or bff while creating the caption. The app will not allow you to start streaming if there are any prohibited words used.

N.B.: This feature will not be visible to users with less than 1,000 fans or followers. TikTok has also said that it prioritises high quality content. Look here for a guide on how to create great TikTok videos!

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