What is Horrortok: books, accounts to follow

What is Horrortok: books, accounts to follow

As #horrorTok trend continues to spread around TikTok, we've decided to talk about the phenomenon and explain what it's all about. We've also compiled a list of the top horrortok books that users recommend to each other on TikTok. Bonus track – the list of the top horrortok accounts you should follow if you enjoy spooky things.

What is BookTok?

Maybe you've already heard about Booktok? It's the Books section of TikTok, better known as #BookTok, and it has become a phenomenon that has had an impact on the publishing world. Most of the books that are on the bestseller lists come from BookTok recommendations. BookTok has succeeded in creating a TikTok community specializing in literature and books. The creators of BookTok, known as booktokers, are reading enthusiasts who review books, make book trailers, recreate stories and sometimes use the songs of the moment (because this is TikTok) to recommend the books they read. They also share their opinions and there is space to exchange ideas generated by the stories they read.

What is HorrorTok?

With the #BookTok comes #HorrorTok. The last hashtag gathers TikTok users who are very much into horror novels, they share opinions on them, revive the scariest moments from them, and make you ask yourself, "Was it for real?". We will share with you the top 5 #horrortok books according to TikTok users and several TikTok accounts that cosplay the horror novels in their TikTok accounts and give you goosebumps right away. 

What are the best Horrortok books?

According to TikTok users, these horror novels are the top ones if you want to get terrified.

It is a horror novel about a world where animal meat is poisonous and people eat human flesh. Marcos works at a factory processing human meat and is not authorized to talk to the humans raised for meat, although he doesn't obey. The frightening dystopia is widely discussed on TikTok and cosplayed as well. 

'Mexican Gothic' is a frightening story about Noemí, who had an active life in Mexico City and moved to High Place to support her newlywed cousin. And this is where all the adventures start: in a dark and isolated mansion in the countryside. 

This horror novel tells the story of a gay couple going to a cabin with their daughter. However, the vacation quickly turns into a horror when they meet foud strangers in the woods. 

HorrorTok as it is! A group of friends goes to Japan to celebrate the wedding. Everything goes swell until a certain moment... There is a haunted house and some Japanese mythology involved, so get ready to feel the goosebumps.

This horror novel tells a story about a young family that moves into a new home on Ash Tree Lane and discovers that their house is bigger from the inside than it is on the outside. Why? You will find out. Notice how the formatting of the book pages changes with the story development. 

What are the top Horrortok accounts to follow?

If you love some eerie videos and enjoy a good scare, these are the TikTok accounts that might be interesting to follow:

  • @where_is_everybody – where the main character, a teenager, wakes up one morning and discovers that there is nobody. His family vanished, no neighbors, no anyone around... A very disturbing and intriguing content that you might like if you are looking for a good scare.
  • @lights.are.off 'I bring nightmares to life with 3D Animation!'. That's how the creator of the account, a VRX and 3D artist, describes it. And this is pretty much what it is about eerie and beautiful TikTok videos here are hypnotizing and frightening at the same time.
  • @harrymcclarry – The owner of the account, Harry was posting eerie haunting videos from his home: doors opening and closing on their own, shadow figures, and some more creepy stuff. He hasn't posted for quite some time yet and the family has moved out from the haunted house, however, if you are into haunted stories, go and check it out.
  • @monstresss – Miniature artist Susete Saraiva creates spooky tiny miniature scenes handmade; this account is as frightening as it is beautiful.
  • @queenofspook – This account is managed by an actor who's turning herself into eerie creatures, all thanks to makeup and costumes. If you need some inspiration for the next Halloween party, check it out. 
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