Popular video effects on Funimate

Popular video effects on Funimate

Funimate has become one of the most popular apps on the web for editing and creating videos. It has original and creative effects and perfectly combines music and video imagery making it ideal to use with other applications eg TikTok. Want to learn how to use Funimate? In this article we'll provide all you need to know and show you the best video effects.

How to use Funimate?

Funimate is one of the easiest music video editors to use, which makes it ideal for beginners. To start creating, all you have to do is install the app (get it for free by clicking here) and sign in with a new account or you can directly link the app to your Facebook or Google account.

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At the bottom of the Funimate home page you'll find the usual buttons: Home, Search, Notifications and 'Funimates' (to edit your profile and see who you're following, among other things).

To start creating amazing videos, click the button in the bottom right corner of the screen. To start creating your own video, choose a template and select the videos or images from your album that you wish to use. Note that if you use images, you will have to select nine to continue. When you are done, press 'accept' (top right button).

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© Funimate

Funimate will then display a preview of your video. If you want to customize or change it, click on 'Edit', just below the video.

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When the editor opens, you will have the full range of options offered by Funimate. On the bottom bar you can edit times (duration of each shot or sequence, etc.), on the right you can select the images or frames you want to modify or move and below you will find the buttons that allow you to change each image. You can change images using animation and visual effects (rotate, zoom...), effects mixer, impressive filters, tone mixer, duplicators and more.

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On the upper bar you will see options to edit the sound, see/hide the images you selected and most importantly, the button to publish your video in Funimate or save it with the rest of your projects.

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Remember that if you click on the central image while editing, you can vary your selection depending on whether you want to edit the image itself, the text or the silhouette among other things. Do not forget that Funimate will guide you in the process from beginning to end. For example, if you record directly from the application and want to use the option to appear duplicated on screen, the app will indicate when you should appear and when you should leave the plane.

What are the best effects on Funimate?

Funimate is available in free and premium versions, which offer an extended catalog of editing options and effects for your videos, both for amateur and professional users. The effects that we recommend below are part of the catalog of 15 free effects offered by the app and you can find them in the 'Effect Mix' option of the Funimate editor.

Note: It is possible that in order to open some of Funimate's free effects, the app will ask you to first give an evaluation on the Google PlayStore or Apple's AppStore.


This effect is one of the most popular because it does not interfere much with the image, but it does give it a special touch: as if it were to take the spirit out of the video, with a rhythm similar to that of the heartbeat. This effect is perfect for bringing a dynamic and fresh touch to your video, without preventing others from enjoying it fully and without losing detail.


This effect is crazy. If you choose 'Digital', you will see that the video shows a constant sizzle similar in style to a broken TV, the Matrix aesthetics of or when watching an old videotape that is about to break. It is certainly an effect that serves both transitions and complete sequences with a touch of mystery.


This is the classic effect that many videos use at the beginning and end to give movement and some mystery to the image. This effect immediately adapts to the silhouettes of the objects that appear in the video.


This is the classic earthquake effect. It is not the most original effect in the world, but it is one of the most recurrent and fun, since it makes everything shake as if you were in the middle of an earthquake. The Quake effect is a great match for fast, lively, and funky videos.

9 mirror

Do you remember when you were a child and played with a kaleidoscope to discover ever-changing colours and shapes? The 9 mirror effect is a similar effect adapted to Funimate. Original, fast, innovative and fun: it has everything, but be careful not to abuse it or your followers will end up dizzy!


This Funimate effect inflicting fear is the X-ray effect. Apply it and you'll get several quick sequences that show you the colors and inverted lights of your scene, giving it a terrifying touch.


This effect provides a sensation similar to being in a dark nightclub with blue and red lights strobing from one side to the other. The effect is perfectly suited to both daytime and nighttime scenes, so you can use it with spectacular results in any scene. Without a doubt, one of the best effects of Funimate!

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