What is RadioGPT? Demo, AI, listen, app, Springfield

What is RadioGPT? Demo, AI, listen, app, Springfield

With the launch of RadioGPT, which combines text-to-speech voice technology, trending topic software, and ChatGPT technology, AI is coming to airwaves near you.

What is RadioGPT?

After the explosive success of ChatGPT, here comes RadioGPT. Created by Cleveland-based company Futuri, RadioGPT is an AI-driven radio station that uses voice technology and algorithm planning to generate a 100% automated, live radio broadcast, which is tailored to the listeners geographic location. 

"Futuri is revolutionizing the audio industry with the launch of RadioGPT™ — the world's first AI-driven localized radio content solution." the company announced in a press release

How does RadioGPT work?

The radio station combines three distinct technologies to create its broadcast: first, Futuri's propriety software TopicPulse scours social media and thousands of news websites to identify trending topics. Then, this information is fed through GPT-4 software (the AI technology behind the newest version of ChatGPT) which is well-known for generating human-like conversations, to generate a script. Finally, a text-to-speech software is used to create realistic audio of AI radio hosts chatting, announcing songs, and giving weather and traffic updates. 

What can RadioGPT do?

According to Futuri, RadioGPT can do a pretty amazing array of functions like see what music you've previously listened to, and talk about it; talk about local traffic, weather, and market events; do shout-outs to geographic areas based on who it knows is listening; run live competitions and giveaways; and even conduct live interviews with real human guests. 

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Where can you listen to RadioGPT?

For now, you can listen to a free sample of the RadioGPT live-stream via the website

But before long, you might be listening to RadioGPT without even realizing it… Futuri aims to license their product to existing broadcasters, allowing them to use AI hosts in place of real presenters, to cover part or entire portions of their programming, for example during graveyard shifts, or in the event of last-minute absences. Stations will presumably be able to exclusively license certain AI DJ voices, further blurring the line between human and AI staff for listeners. 

Where is Springfield and why is RadioGPT talking about it? 

Listen to the demo long enough, and you'll hear the hosts talking about news events in a town called Springfield. While there are plenty of real Springfields in the US and Canada, the radio station is simply using this name as an example to demonstrate its ability to localize content to wherever the listeners are based. Homer Simpson, keep your ears peeled… 

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