Samsung Galaxy S22 or iPhone 13: Which one to buy?

Samsung Galaxy S22 or iPhone 13: Which one to buy?

Which is the best smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy or the iPhone? While we wait for February 2023 when the new Samsung C23 is expected to be released (to compare it with the latest iPhone 14), for now we offer a comparison between S22 and the Apple iPhone 13 - for you to make your well-informed to make the right choice and know the strengths and weaknesses of each device.

Galaxy S22 or iPhone 13: which one to buy?

For this comparison between the features of the Samsung Galaxy S22 and the iPhone 13, we evaluated seven criteria. They are price, camera, performance, operating system, structure and design, battery and durability. It is worth noting that this comparison is between the 128 GB storage versions of the basic models of both lines. The comparison between the S22 Ultra and the iPhone 13 Pro Max, for example, could bring different results.


The first question to be answered, which has the better price? Despite being recently launched, the iPhone 13 is available from $699 for the Standard iPhone 13. There are other variants: iPhone 13 Mini at $599, the iPhone 13 Pro costs $909, and the iPhone 13 Pro Max costs $949.

On the other hand, the standard Samsung Galaxy S22 can be purchased from $849, with the Galaxy S22 Ultra at $1259. 

Which one is better: iPhone 13 


One of the tightest disputes in this comparison involves the camera quality of the two devices. However, one thing is for sure: you will get amazing pictures with either of them. Samsung has continuously improved the Galaxy's camera, and this time it comes with a triple rear camera that includes mega zoom lens and and a 108 megapixel main camera, a 12MP ultra-wide and a 10MP 3x optical zoom camera. On the other hand, Apple keeps increasing the features of its well-established camera. The main highlights are the selfie mode (with 12 MP on the front camera) and the ability to take great pictures in dark environments without flash.

Which one is better: Samsung S22


This point goes to the iPhone 13, and the reason for that is its A15 Bionic chip. Apple's homemade processor is bar far the best in its class. Available across the iPhone 13 lineup, and the iPad, the 5 nanometer chip is capable of performing 11 trillion operations per second, according to Apple. The Galaxy S22 has a Snapdragon chip, which is still very good, and a considerably evolution compared to the S21, but it is no match for the performance delivered by the iPhone.

Which is better: iPhone 13

Operating System

Android or iOS is one of those questions that generate long debates among experts and enthusiasts. And the answer as to which one is better is impossible to give objectively. Both systems have unique, high-quality functionalities and receive constant updates, always including new features. Thus, the choice tends to be based on the user's habits. Those who are used to one system will take some time to get used to the features of the other. However, both systems guarantee customer satisfaction.

Which one is better: A tie

Structure and Design

Another fairly close contest. The S22's screen is minimally larger than the iPhone 13's (6.2 x 6.1 inches) and Samsung's model as a whole is a bit heavier and larger than Apple's smartphone. In addition, the S22 brings a design innovation with a detail to house the cameras that may not please everyone. In turn, the iPhone keeps the already classic design loved by fans. The variety that Apple offers between the iPhone 13 Mini, and the iPhone 13 Pro Max encourages us to give this vote to the iPhone.

Which one is better: iPhone 13


Apple has improved in this aspect, and the complaints from users that the battery did not make it to the end of the day have diminished in the latest versions of the iPhone, but this is still an area in which Samsung wins by a landslide. The Samsung's battery is larger than the competitor's, which guarantees more hours of autonomy. In addition, the charging performance of the S22 is on average 50% better than the iPhone 13.

Which one is better: Samsung Galaxy S22


The iPhone 13 has a new Ceramic Shield display that has four times the drop protection of previous phones. In drop tests, the iPhone 13's display lasts longer, whilst the Galaxy S22's rear appears to resist better. Arguably, the screen's durability is more important.

If we look at water resistance, the iPhone 13 can withstand up to 6m of water for 30 minutes, whereas the Galaxy S22 can only survive 1.5m for 30 minutes. Where these two areas are considered, the winner is the iPhone 13

Which one is better: iPhone 13

Galaxy S22 or iPhone 13: which one is better?

If you have gotten this far, you can see that the iPhone 13 has won 4 and tied 1 and the Galaxy S21, has won 2 and tied 1, giving us the final score of 5:3 to the iPhone.

The truth is that you should make your choice based on what you want out of a phone. If you prefer the Android experience then you won't necessarily want the iPhone 13, even it did "win" our comparison. And similarly, if the Galaxy S22 "won", and you are an iOS user, then you would most likely want the iPhone 13. The choice is yours. Hopefully you can make your decision with all of the information on the table.

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