How to check laptop battery health: Windows 8, 10

How to check laptop battery health: Windows 8, 10

If you want to check your battery health, there's no need to download and install additional software, as Windows 8.1 already includes a small utility. Follow the procedure below.

To monitor the health of your battery:

  • Click on the Windows logo open the command prompt by typing into the search bar: cmd
  • Type the command: powercfg /batteryreport
  • Press Enter

An HTML file named battery-report.html containing information about your battery will be generated in C:\WINDOWS \system32. Don't forget to enable the display of hidden files and folders!

You will be able to consult the related information about your battery life, including:

  • The Design Capacity (the original max performance)
  • The Full Charge Capacity (the current max performance)
  • And more
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