How to uninstall apps on Microsoft Surface

How to uninstall apps on Microsoft Surface

The Microsoft Surface models are touchscreen-based computers designed by Microsoft, running Microsoft Windows OS. If you want to uninstall any apps from a Microsoft Surface device, this article will show you how.

To uninstall apps from newer Microsoft Surface devices:

  • Click on the Windows start icon at the down left side of the screen
  • Click on the settings icon
  • Once the settings panel is opened, click on Apps
  • Select the app you want to remove by clicking on it
  • Click on Uninstall to remove the app

To uninstall apps from older Microsoft Surface devices:

  • From the start screen, swipe to the bottom of your screen to access the App view.
  • Tap and hold the app you want to uninstall for a couple of seconds, to display the tiles options.
  • Tap on the Uninstall button to remove the app.
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