Spreadsheet Functions

Spreadsheets generally have a large number of integrated functions for processing data and can easily produce graphic representations of this data. In this article, we discuss the categories of functions, as well as the function syntax.

Function Categorization

>There are hundreds of function, categorised as follows:

  • Arithmetic functions : offer basic tools to process numerical data.
  • Statistical functions: have analysis tools, averaging tools.
  • Date functions: process and convert dates.
  • Logic functions: process logic data (AND, OR, etc.).
  • Financial functions: process monetary data.

Function Syntax

A function is characterised by its name (written in uppercase by convention), followed by parenthesis. It contains arguments (inside the parenthesis), which are a set of values, separated by semicolons, to which the function applies. Thus, a function called FUNCTION would be written as follows:

FUNCTION(argument1; argument2; etc.)

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