Spreadsheet - Functions

May 2018

The Concept of a Function

Spreadsheets generally have a large number of integrated functions for processing data. There are hundreds, categorised as follows:

  • Arithmetic functions that offer basic tools to process numerical data
  • Statistical functions that have analysis tools, averaging tools
  • Date functions that process and convert dates
  • Logic functions that process logic data (AND, OR, etc.)
  • Financial functions that process monetary data

Function Syntax

A function is characterised by its name (written in uppercase by convention), followed by parenthesis. It contains arguments (inside the parenthesis), which are a set of values, seperated by semi-colons, to which the function applies. Thus, a function called FUNCTION would be written as follows:

FUNCTION(argument1; argument2; etc.)


Tableur - Les fonctions
Tableur - Les fonctions
Le funzioni di un foglio elettronico
Le funzioni di un foglio elettronico
Funções das planilhas ou folhas de cálculo
Funções das planilhas ou folhas de cálculo
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