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Kerbal Space Program

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Kerbal Space Program
Windows 7 Windows 8 Windows 10 Mac OS X - English

Kerbal Space Program is a game that allows you to build your own space program. Your objective is to create a spaceship, crafted from tools and equipment at your disposal. This spaceship must, then, safely carry your team to outer space.

About KSP

Kerbal Space Program is divided into two parts. First you have to design the rocket, putting the pieces together, going through the different stages and then having it reach the stratosphere in a few minutes. It may not be too easy for you, but it assures you that if you insist on practicing, you can achieve it.

In space, you face realistic challenges, such as gravitational pull. With the help of your crew, you will face off against a number of obstacles and can continue to build their skill level. You will also have tools available, such as compass and a map, to help you navigate the galaxies.

Key Features

  • Build spaceships, rockets, planes and vehicles.
  • Control your ship
  • Organise your Kerbal crew members - hire, train and send them into space
  • Explore new worlds

System Requirements

Windows (minimum | recommended):

OS: Windows 7 64-bit | Windows 10 64-bit
Processor: Core 2 Duo 2.0 Ghz | Core i5
Memory: 4GB RAM | 8GB RAM
Graphics: DX10 (SM 4.0) 512MB VRAM | DX10 (SM 4.0) 1GB VRAM
Storage: 3 GB HD space | 4 GB HD space
Mac (minimum | recommended):

OS: Mac OS X 10.9+ | Mac OS X 10.12 64-bit
Processor: Intel | Intel Core i5
Memory: 4GB RAM | 8GB Ram
Graphics: SM 4.0 512MB VRAM | SM 4.0 1GB VRAM
Storage: 3 GB HD space | 4 GB HD space

More Info

For more info of Kerbal Space Program and the upcoming (Fall 2021) Kerbal Space Program 2, be sure to check out the game developers website.

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