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Pinterest is a gigantic social network that focuses on images and visual content. This vast and diversified virtual pinboard lets you share and pin photos or illustrations, explore, and comment on anything you want from recipes to fashion looks, exercise routines, decorating ideas, or anything else you like. Reach quickly the community you like by pinning your photos on thematic boards.

What are the key features of Pinterest?

  • Designed to be beautiful: Pinterest is a minimalist and intuitive application that is very easy to use and emphasizes visual content.
  • So much content: There are tons of different images you will find on Pinterest, from styling, art, decoration, and cooking, to crafts, DIY, travel, and much more. You will also find the latest news and fashions. The powerful search engine will allow you to quickly find the content you want based on categories and filters.
  • Share with a vast community: Share, repin, like, and comment on your friends' posts. Receive notifications when someone interacts with your boards.
  • Connect with the other networks: You can easily share from Pinterest to other networks like Facebook or Instagram.
  • Go beyond images: Pinterest also allows you to pin newspaper and magazine articles, as well as videos hosted on platforms such as YouTube, Vevo, and Vimeo.
  • Keep it organized: You can easily create boards and categories to store all the images you create or like among the millions of available images and photos.
  • Easily control your creation: You can choose who can see your pinboard. You can keep it secret and share it with your friends or any Pinterest user.
  • Chat with your friends and followers: You can create groups of up to 10 users and easily chat.
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Is it free?

Yes, Pinterest is a completely free platform.

Is it safe?

Pinterest is an application with no history of users' personal information leaks. However, if you want to make your account even more secure, you can go to Settings > Security and enable Two-Factor Authentication. Pinterest will then ask you to enter a security code in addition to your password every time you log in.

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