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Dive into Car Parking Multiplayer - a vibrant open world where you race, customize cars, and connect with players globally. Swap rides, tackle challenges, and explore freely. It's your ultimate driving playground!


  • Multiplayer open-world mode: Players have the liberty to freely walk around in an expansive open world that is designed with realistic gas stations and car service centers. The game allows players to challenge real people in multiplayer races, fostering a competitive environment. Furthermore, it offers a unique feature where players can exchange cars with others, enriching their gaming experience. The game is populated by thousands of real players daily, making the world lively and dynamic. Players can manage their connections through a friend list and communicate via voice chat for a more immersive experience. Additionally, there is a police mode, adding an extra layer of gameplay where players can engage in law enforcement scenarios.
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  • Car customization The game provides extensive car customization options. Players can adjust the suspension, wheel angle, and other components to tweak their cars' handling and performance. Engine tuning is detailed, allowing for engine swaps, the addition of turbochargers, modifications to the gearbox, and exhaust systems to enhance the car's performance. On the aesthetic front, players can apply dynamic vinyl and change car body parts, enabling personal expression and vehicle uniqueness.
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  • High-quality open world The game boasts a high-quality open world with environments that are rich in detail, adding to the realism and immersion. Players have access to a selection of 100 cars, each featuring a real interior, contributing to the authentic feel of driving. There are 16 player skins available, allowing for character customization. Moreover, the game world includes buildings with interiors, encouraging exploration and interaction within the game space.
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  • Interesting gameplay "Car Parking Multiplayer" offers 82 real-life parking and driving challenges, providing a varied and realistic driving experience. The game includes different vehicles such as tow trucks, pickups, trucks, sport, and classic cars, catering to diverse preferences and driving styles. This feature ensures that players have a broad spectrum of driving scenarios to engage with, enhancing the overall gameplay experience.

Graphics and sound

For a mobile game, Car Parking Multiplayer offers pretty neat graphics and audio feedback throughout the races and world exploration. The car models are detailed, and shadow and lighting techniques are beautifully rendered, making the experience satisfying.

Duration and game modes

Car Parking Multiplayer features single-player and multiplayer online game modes you can enjoy as long as you want.

What do the reviews say?

It seems Car Parking Multiplayer is a pretty successful game, as it has been downloaded over 100 million times.

Age rating

Car Parking Multiplayer is rated for everyone.

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