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Transfer iTunes to another computer

iTunes is Apple's proprietary software that allows users to download, store or play various media file formats. Sometimes users may need to transfer their iTunes library to another computer. There are two ways of going about it. One option is to use specialized software called TuneSwiftthat allows users to move all the media files to an external drive irrespective of the fact that it is stored in the iTunes library or other locations outside the iTunes folder. The other option is to manually copy the iTunes folder from "My Music" and then place the folder at the exact same location in the new computer. Once iTunes is started, the user can easily choose this location to restore the old library on the new computer.


With a new computer there comes a fresh and empty iTunes library. This wouldn't be that bad if you had not passed an enormous amount of time building up your library and if the iPhone, iPad and iPod weren't linked to it.

Thus, with a new computer a question may come up: how to move the entire iTunes library to a new computer, without losing the logical connection to iPhone, iPad or iPod?


Moving iTunes is easier than you may think and can be done in a few simple steps.
Before you start you should answer the following questions.
  • Are all my iTunes library files stored in the iTunes folder, or do I have them scattered across my PC?
  • Is the iTunes saved in the iTunes location by default? Normally it's "My Documents" > "My Music" > "iTunes"
  • Do I want to expand my new iTunes library in the exact same location on my new computer, or do I want to move it to another drive?
  • Do I want to backup my iPod Touch, iPad or iPhone backups with my iTunes library?

If you've got a part of your music outside the iTunes folder, if you saved the iTunes folder to a chosen memory location, or you want to move iTunes to an external drive, the whole process becomes a little more complicated. In these cases it would be advisable to use a software solution like TuneSwift.

The advantage of this software is that it will also take into account all the files that are stored outside the iTunes folder and that the iTunes library can be stored wherever you want e.g. you can move your complete iTunes library to an external drive. Beside the possibility to easily transfer the iTunes library to another PC or Mac it will also copy the backup files from the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

If you don't necessarily need your iPod Touch/iPad or iPhone backups, all your files out of the iTunes library are stored in the iTunes folder and you want to move iTunes to the exact same location on the new computer, then you can transfer iTunes manually.

To do so, just follow these simple steps:
  • Copy the entire iTunes folder to an external hard drive or flash drive (normally the iTunes folder is located under "My Documents" > "My Music").
  • Connect the external drive to the new computer and copy the iTunes folder to the exact same location it was on the old PC. If there's already an iTunes folder on your new computer, make sure it's empty before you replace it.
  • When you open iTunes, hold down the shift key.
  • In the new window, click "Choose Library".
  • Select the file "iTunes Library.itl" from the new iTunes folder.
  • Press OK to unfold the "old library" on the new PC.
  • That's it. Your playlists, music-files etc. are back in iTunes.

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