Update the Firmware of Your PSP

It is important to update PSP firmware to correct bugs, add features or play new video games. The PSP is one of the most popular gaming consoles available today. There are two ways to update PSP firmware - through the network or with a PC. In order to update PSP firmware with the network, a wireless internet connection is required. This article will show you how update the firmware for your PSP.

What Is the Firmware Update

The firmware update occurs automatically and it is the easiest way to upgrade the PSP. To update PSP firmware for the PC, the PSP has to be connected to the PC. The process is not automatic and it involves some manual steps to complete the procedure. It is important to update PSP firmware regularly.

Why Update Your PSP

  • You should update the firmware on your PSP to correct bugs and faults, add new features and play new games.
  • To check the firmware version, go to Settings > System Settings and select System Information.

There are two methods to update the PSP firmware:

Updating Via Network

This option allows you to update the firmware through a wireless Internet connection. It's automatic and is the simplest way to update your PSP.

Update With a PC

  • Download the new firmware from the Playstation site here.
  • Connect the PSP to the PC using the USB cable supplied with the console purchase.
  • Turn on the PSP and go to Settings > USB Connection, then press the X button to activate the USB mode.
    • The PC should recognise the PSP as a USB stick / external hard drive.
  • Access the PSP from your computer and save the downloaded file in the following location: \ PSP \ GAME \ UPDATE \ EBOOT.PBP
    • If the necessary folders don't already exist, create them
  • Disconnect the PSP from the PC. Connect the charger to the PSP.

  • Press the Circle button to exit USB mode and go to Game > Memory Stick
  • Press the X button
  • Select the update and confirm with the X button
  • Follow the onscreen instructions to complete the installation.
  • After the update, you can delete the file EBOOT.PBP

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