How To Create a Samsung Account

While the strict use of a Google account is often preferred by Samsung mobile device users, many manufacturers also suggest creating a separate Samsung account in order to benefit from the full array of Samsung services, including certain apps, Samsung Drive, as well as some other mobile, television, and web services. This article will walk you through the steps of creating your own Samsung account. All you need to do this is a valid email address.

N.B. You can find a full list of Samsung's services on the company's official Services website.

How To Sign Up for a Samsung Account

As mentioned above, Samsung accounts give you access to a variety of Samsung-specific services. These include (but are not limited to) Samsung Galaxy apps, AllShare Play (a multimedia management service), Find My Mobile (a service that allows you to locate, manage, and lock lost or stolen devices), Learning Hub (a download service for interactive educational content), Family Story (which allows you to share photos, events, and messages with family and friends), and ChatON (Samsung's instant messaging service).

Account holders also have access to the Music Hub, Samsung's online streaming service.

Create a Samsung App Account

Creating a Samsung account can be done via a desktop browser, Samsung Kies, or smartphone.

Create Samsung Account Online

If you're using your computer, you can access the Samsung account setup by clicking here. Click Sign Up Now:

Read and accept the Terms of Service, and then click Agree:

Next, fill in the form with all of your relevant information. Once all of the fields are filled in, click Next:

You will receive a confirmation email verifying your account.

Create Samsung Account via Smartphone

All Samsung smartphones and tablets come with a dedicated app that gives you access to the Samsung App Store.

Open the Settings app on your phone, and scroll to the Accounts section. All of the accounts currently active on your phone (i.e. Google, Facebook, etc.) will be shown here. Tap Add Account to get started.

Tap Create new account, and accept the Terms and Conditions. Note that if you decline anything, you will not be able to continue.

Enter into the form your email address, date of birth, name, and any other personal details requested. (You can use your Gmail address here if you prefer.) Once the form is complete, tap Sign up.

How To Download Samsung Apps

Now that your account is activated, you have the ability to download any application from Samsung Apps.

To do this, you can proceed in one of two ways. The first method is to head to the Samsung Apps website and find your desired download. Select the type of device on which you'd like to install the application, and confirm. The app will download to your selected device.

You can also choose to download directly from your mobile phone by launching the Samsung Apps application and selecting your download.

Samsung Kies Download

Samsung Kies is Samsung's default software suite, and it allows you to sync your Samsung phone with your PC. It also provides direct access to the Samsung App Store.

You can download Samsung Kies from our site here.

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