How To Block Ads on Your Android Device

Most of the free apps available on the Play Store are sponsored by advertisements. Although these allow developers to get some money out of their apps, they are sometimes unfair and annoying to users. Thankfully, you can block these ads on your Android device.

Block Ad Content with AdBlock Plus

In order to install applications such as AdBlock Plus onto your device, you first need to allow the installation of apps from unknown sources. This is needed to use APK files, for example.

To do this, go to Apps > Settings > More, and click Security. Next, check the option that reads Unknown Sources.

Now, download the AdBlock Plus app here and install it onto your device. Once you start the app, in-app advertising will be disabled everywhere.

Block Ads by Turning Off WiFi

Another simple solution to eliminate advertisements is turning off your WiFi connection. Ads are distributed by servers, so by turning off your WiFi or 4G connection, you will also disable the display of ads.

Please note that this solution only works for applications and games that do not require internet to work.

Block Notifications on Android

In addition to advertising, unwanted notifications may appear on your smartphone. Applications such as AirPushDetector or AddonsDetector can detect applications that display ads in the form of notifications.

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