My Laptop is Locked in AirPlane Mode

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My Dell Inspiron laptop, running Windows 8 is locked in Airplane Mode. The Airplane mode switch (from the Charms bar) is greyed out and since then I'm unable to connect to Wi-Fi or use Bluetooth. I have already tried to refresh my PC but the problem still remains and this ain't a driver issue as my wireless card is properly detected in the device manager, so what can be done?

Unlocking the Airplane Mode with the Modifier key

Most Dell laptops are equipped with a switch or modifier key to enable or disable the Airplane Mode. It should be noted that this key can override the Airplane mode settings of Windows 8, the reason for which the Airplane mode On/Off switch is disabled in the Charms bar.

Search for this switch or for a key with small WiFi tower (usually on the F2 or PrtSc key), the latter when used in combination with the Fn key, allows you to enable or disable the Airplane mode.
Jean-François Pillou

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