Excel - How to transfer worksheet to another Excel file?

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How can I transfer an excel worksheet into another excel file. And when transferred I won't have to modify anything. Right now I'm cutting and pasting and every time I do I have to modify the size of the cells?


You have to click on on the tab of the sheet you want to copy, do a right click with the mouse to select "Move or copy" from the list, a box will open:
  • 1) "In the workbook :", a drop-down list appears to select the folder where you want to copy the sheet.
    • The name that appears is the folder where you work.
    • If you scroll down the list, appears "new workbook", then you can create a new workbook which will be copied on the sheet.

Then follows a list of all files that are open, you choose the workbook where you want to copy the sheet.
  • 2) "Before the sheet :" A list box to choose in the workbook that you have selected, where the sheet will be placed.
  • 3) a check box "Create a copy" : it is very important to check this parameter value if you want to make a copy (be careful : if you don't check this box, the sheet will move without creating copy then the sheet will not be in the origin folder.

By doing this, there is no change formulas, the formulas remain as they were written at the outset.


Thanks to aquarelle for this tip on the forum.

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