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MS Office Excel is called a spreadsheet application. The spreadsheet allows an individual to operate numerical statistics. One can perform various calculations and also analyze and forecast. In Excel, various kinds of statistical functions can be applied to the cells. One can also apply mathematical functions to the data. This could be simple, e.g. summing a data column, or complicated, like quantitative analysis. There are complex formulas to do the sum of data in the same or another sheet. The below article details a credit/debit summation formula. One must simply paste this into the cell where a result is desired.


I would be very grateful if anybody could solve my problem. The details are given below:

19-Nov-09 LOKHSG -21025.40
20-Nov-09 LOKHSG -41024.68
24-Nov-09 RAJOIL 1208.81
24-Nov-09 TATACOFFEE 976.74
24-Nov-09 SKF -521.02
25-Nov-09 RAJOIL 1036.34
25-Nov-09 MMFIN 830.95
25-Nov-09 HEG 122.02
25-Nov-09 SESAGOA 269.47
26-Nov-09 BAYER 679.72
26-Nov-09 HEG 1552.68
26-Nov-09 ADORWELDING 13.15
26-Nov-09 ADORWELDING -156996.36
26-Nov-09 MONNET -42131.28
26-Nov-09 RAJOIL -68961.30
30-Nov-09 MONNET -210.90
1-Dec-09 WARRANTEA 1051.76
1-Dec-09 WARRANTEA -49708.47
1-Dec-09 TORRENTPOWER 587.44
1-Dec-09 MONNET -40476.41
1-Dec-09 RAJOIL 67770.92

So here are the data (date, name, debit/credit) above found in sheet1. I need the formula to get the sum of debit/credit in another sheet. E.g.:

25-nov-09 (sum of debit/credit of the date).


  • In sheet2 B2 paste this formula

  • And hit enter key


Thanks to venkat1926 for this tip on the forum.
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