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How To Move Apps to a Memory Card

You may need more memory to fully enjoy your smartphone, especially if it has limited capacity because it is low or medium range, or if you use many apps. However, the latest versions of Android change the way you can move an application to your phone's SD memory card. Here we'll explain how to do it.

The latest Android updates (since Mashmallow) complicate the way you move applications installed on your phone to the memory card. These changes have a great advantage: they reinforce the security of the device and improve the functioning of the apps. Next, we explain in detail the steps you should follow.

Set Up Your SD Card

First, you must reconfigure your SD card by converting to internal storage. This process involves formatting the card, so we recommend you make a backup first, just to be safe in case there is a problem. Also remember that when you start this process, your SD card will become the internal memory of the phone and therefore you will not be able to extract it with the same ease as before, since the operation of your device will depend in part on the information the card will contain.

When you insert the SD card, a notification will appear in the top drop-down menu. Select Configure and choose the option Use as internal storage. Then, you must press Delete and format. Remember to have the battery well charged, since this process involves considerable energy consumption.

Migrate Data

After completing the previous step, your phone is likely to show you a message stating that your card is not fast enough. Don't worry: it's normal and it's because your phone's system uses the SD card as partial storage.

Next, go to Settings, and choose Storage. Find the SD card, select it and open the additional menu (it is the icon with three vertical dots, it is at the top right). In that drop-down menu, select Migrate data.

Move Apps to the Card

After finishing that migration, which can take several minutes, you can transfer the applications to your SD card. This part of the process must be repeated for each app that you transfer to your SD memory. Remember that system applications (Google Maps, YouTube, Chrome, etc.) cannot move to the card.

Are you ready for the final step? Open Settings, go to Applications, and choose an app. In the Storage option, press Change and choose your SD card. You must repeat this last step with each application.

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