Windows - handling the "Please Insert a Disk into Drive Error"

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In Windows-based systems, users often come across a message saying 'Please Insert a Disk into Drive Error' when a pen drive is inserted into the computer. This is because when a pen drive is inserted, a drive letter is automatically assigned against it but if this drive letter coincides with an existing network drive letter then this error message will come up. To solve this in Windows one needs to have access to the administrative account. Then through tweaking in the settings of the Disc Management tab, this issue of 'Please Insert a Disk into Drive Error' can be solved by changing the drive letter and paths.


You may encounter this error when inserting your pendrive into your PC.

"Please Insert a Disk into Drive Error".

This problem mainly occurs under Windows XP in situations where the drive letter of the USB device corresponds to the drive letter of an existing network drive.


  • Log in to an account with administrative privileges
  • Insert your pendrive into the USB port.
  • Click Start/ My computer/Manage/Disk Management
  • Right click on the partition corresponding to your removable media and select Change Drive Letter and Paths
  • Finally change the drive letter (like W: or Y:). It is very unusual for Windows to use these letters.