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What Are The Top Tech Gadgets For Pets?

Everyone who has a furry friend, such as a dog, a cat or a fun ferret, knows the challenges that it implies giving them the best care as a pet parent. For those who like to indulge and spoil their pets, or perhaps just want to keep an eye on what they’re up to, technology can make the job easier with alternative and useful gadgets that can come in handy for pet owners. From pet trackers with GPS location to automatic feeders, we share with you our selection of apps to take care of your best friend.

Tractive GPS

One of the best pet trackers on the market, Tractive GPS is an active collar with real time location tracking for cats and dogs. The collar is connected to your smartphone through an app that tracks your pet, it can be customized to set a predefined area for your pet to wander around and the app will immediately alert the owner if the pet is out of range. The pet tracker is waterproof, comfortable and has a battery life of 5 days. It works in over 150 countries and it can be purchased directly on Tractive, it’s available exclusively for cats and dogs.

Dyson Groom

Dyson is well recognized for their high quality products. Groom Tool is a mess-free brush for grooming medium to long haired dogs. The Groom Tooll is shaped like a regular grooming brush except it has a small vacuum integrated to the brush that absorbs all the loose hair while grooming your pet, preventing the hair from spreading all around. Apart from hair, the brush removes dead skin cells that can cause allergens in the air. Easy to use with a thumb control and a long lasting battery, this grooming brush can’t fail for a little pet spa treatment. You can find it directly on dyson for $69.99.


Petnet SmartFeeder is a simple and easy to use pet feeder that can monitor the food ingestion of your pet. It can be scheduled directly from a smartphone and notify the pet owner once the food is served. The application can score food quality for cats and dogs, it has a score based on ingredients and offers over 7,000 thousand recipes and combinations to guarantee a better nutrition for your pet and avoid overeating. Customize the app according to your pets age, breed, weight and activity level and it’ll recommend the appropriate eating schedule and food. Find it exclusively on Amazon.

Pet Cube

Ever wondered what your pet is doing while you're away? Pet Cube is the perfect gadget to stay close and keep an eye on your best friend. The Pet Cube is a pet camera of high resolution that can live stream all the activity from your pet directly into your smartphone. With a wide angle and full-room covers, you can stay close to your pet’s movements or send a quick hello with a life-like sound that makes your voice highly recognizable. A big plus side is it's night vision, where you can track and set an activity monitor covering up to 30 feet in the dark. You can find it directly on PetCube.

Pet Chatz

If you’re away from home for a short or long period of time PetChatz allows you to stay close to your pet via live stream video call. The video camera is connected to WiFi and attached to a wall at a reachable height for your pet. It syncs to an app directly on your smartphone so you can call your pet and to see them, and perhaps say some comforting words. Apart from the high quality video, you can treat your pet and programm video calls to check up on their day. You can order it from their website and find out their customer’s benefits.

Chill XAutoEgg

Chill X is an automatic litter box with a sophisticated design and use guarantee. The litter box is designed to self-clean the litter 5 minutes after its use. The cleaning system works by eliminating waste with a rotating rack, the rack moves slowly and it can stop automatically to avoid any harm to your pet. It’s equipped with an enclosed drawer to contain odors and doesn’t need litter to work, this is a positive advantage to save money and time. It can be used for small and big cats, and has a customizable cleaning system for kittens. You can find ChillX directly on their website and receive a fully assembled box with a step-by-step set up guide.


Wopet is an automatic food feeder customizable for every pet's needs. It is programmed through your smartphone to set up the meal calendar and quantities for your pet. It can schedule up to 15 meals and alerts the pet parent when food is about to finish.Aside from the food, the owner can record custom messages for its pet for when the food portion is served. Wopet is offering a 20% discount as a welcoming gift.

Furbo Dog Camera and Treat Tosser

Pets can be home alone for long periods, some cope and others can suffer from separation anxiety that can be stressful for both the pet and the pet parents. A gadget like Furbo allows you to monitor your pet regardless of your location and why not? Toss a treat! The dispenser is equipped with a high resolution camera for live video monitoring connected to WiFi. The Furbo dispenser connects with the owner directly from an app and it can alert them if the dog is barking, crying or chewing up the carpet. The gadget has received thousands of positive reviews and is a #1 Best Seller in Amazon.

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