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Smart Medical Gadgets To Keep At Home

Medical Gadgets can come in handy around the house when taking care of ourselves and our family members. Lately, after spending more time at home, we’ve learned to take care of ourselves more than ever, and technology is always a good ally for such. Smart, health, and medical devices can help us avoid unnecessary doctor visits, monitor our well-being, and all in real-time using mobile apps and smart gadgets. Read on to find out the top smart medical gadgets to keep at home this 2021.

Active+ Halo Smart Mask

Face masks have become a necessity in our daily lives. Aside from pandemia, masks can bring us other benefits such as protecting us from air particles and pollution. AirPop Active + Halo Smart Mask can detect and notify you about the breathing patrons and generate air filtering through your mask, this can help not only to avoid the Covid-19 virus but also, to keep track of a healthier air quality intake. Aside from the filtering and high protection performance, the Active Halo Mask is comfortable and updated in real-time through their monitor app. Find it in different colors and sizes for $149.99 directly on AirPop.

Omron KardiaMobile 6L EKG Monitor

<bold>If you need to monitor your heart health, the Omron KardiaMobile 6L EKG Monitor is one of the easiest medical devices in use. Lightweight and simple to use simply by placing both fingers in the small stainless steel monitor. It takes 30 seconds for the monitor to detect a normal heart rhythm, bradycardia, atrial fibrillation, and tachycardia.The smart gadget transfers all of the information to your smartphone via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth and can send up-to-date reports directly to your doctor. It’s portable and comes with a quick installation guide. Find it at Omron for $149.99 and free 5 days delivery.

Food Test: EZ Gluten

This smart pack gadget has been designed to spot hidden gluten and peanut particles we can sometimes find on our food. If you are diagnosed with celiac disease or have a peanut allergy this gadget is portable and can help prevent any allergic reaction with a simple 2-3 minutes sample. It works by taking a small sample of your food, placing it in one of their capsules, and waiting for the levels of gluten and traces of peanuts found on the food to appear, if they’re any. This Gluten Test is made in the United States, it’s FDA approved and easy to carry around. Find different pack presentations directly on the EZ website.

Smart Watch: Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2

A Smart Watch is an all-in-one smart gadget that can help us monitor our health. This year, one of the top choices is the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2. Samsung has expanded their health vital monitoring by adding features to the Samsung Health app. The smartwatch has blood pressure monitoring, heart rate tracking, sleep diagnosis and can help you stay active and maintain a healthy lifestyle by enabling notifications and full reports on your daily, weekly, and monthly body stats. Find the smartwatch with a discounted price of $199.00 in different colors directly on Amazon.

Whithings Body Plus Fitness Scale

This body scale is focused on more than tracking weight. The goal is to make sure the body is functioning properly and is getting the right amount of water, movement, and nutrients for a healthy lifestyle. The Scale can check the glucose levels, heart rate, water levels, BMI and has a fitness tracker for those who exercise regularly. Connecting directly through their app, the scale will update all the data into your smartphone every time you step on it, sending regular reports to make sure you’re giving your body the sufficient nutrients and water it needs. Find the scale directly on Whithings at $99.95. The app is available both for Android and iOS.

Circadia: Respiratory Monitor

Circadia was originally created as a sleeping monitor. Amid the coronavirus health crisis, they used their technology to address their smart gadget into a respiratory monitoring system that can be used directly at home. Using infrared sensors, the Circadia monitor can be placed next to our beds and can be used to monitor our respiratory system 24 hours a day. It creates a report and sends it directly to our phone, it can contact the appropriate help in case of an emergency and is easy to install. This device can help anyone who suffers from respiratory issues and wishes to improve their sleep quality. You can book a demo directly on Circadia Health.



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